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Miss America Fun Facts Jimmy Kimmel

Miss America Fun Facts Jimmy Kimmel

One of the strangest parts of the recent Miss America pageant was the “Fun Facts” feature that popped up on-screen. Jimmy shares some of his favorites from the show.  In past Miss America competitions, unintentional entertainment cropped up in the form of odd talent performances, costume fails and the occasional ditzy question and answer segment.  ... Full Article & Video

PlanGOP abortion pill

PlanGOP abortion pill

HOLY HOCKERLOCKERS! Two in row knocking my socks off... What's going on... I haven't seen anything so hard hitting - and deservedly so - since someone got fired for suggesting that we poop in the mouths of those  who compare the horrors of antebellum slavery to deficit spending. I mean that goes without saying... I wonder Full Article & Video

Pineapple Abortion

Pineapple abortion

91% of abortions are done in the first 12 weeks. Add another 8% that are done before viability, 23 weeks. 99% of abortions should be decided upon or laws voted upon by women who are able to conceive and carry. Sounds like conceal and carry hey? In a reasonable world men and old women would have Full Article & Video

Let’s have an Abortion PSA

lets have an abortion!

I found this one confusing, I  don't know if it is a pro Life or pro Choice video. Or maybe it's just funny with no bias? Sarcasm is often lost when it comes from the extreme. Something you may be aware of if you have ever listened to Rush Limbaugh do an often lead-in shout-out saying Full Article & Video

Pro Life for Boners!

pro life boners

What a great bunch of silly Pro Life cliches put to the ax.  Add your own! Life begins at conception. No life begins way before that. After all, both an egg and a sperm are alive. Herpes is alive so hands off that too. And warts. What with all the internet porn there are about a Full Article & Video