Twenty Dollar Harriet Tubman vs Andrew Jackson – Samantha Bee

Twenty Dollar Harriet Tubman vs Andrew Jackson  - Samantha Bee

You’d think updating currency to replace mega-haired genocide practitioner Andrew Jackson with slave liberator Harriet Tubman would be uncontroversial, but as Samantha Bee discovers, there’s a storm of controversy brewing  in America!
Perhaps Americans would embrace Tubman as the symbol of that most treasured of values – freedom if they knew more about her.  If only there were a place where one could go, a place available to all, where a seeker could freely and easily learn of this great woman. If only one could enter a name and push ‘search’   this might be a teachable moment in America.

Some would compromise by placing Tubman on a lesser bill – say, your utility bill. In the hinterlands, a lay genius has a solution so easy, it’s amazing we didn’t think of it. He suggests the Treasury create another entirely different denomination for the black woman! We’ve been in need of six and twelve dollar bills, after all.
“Now that would be really something!” says Sam quoting the testament to American education.

Sam tells us exactly why that idea would be really something, and how – in spirit, it’s already been done.

Andrew Jackson: Most Terrifying Man Ever Elected President. Cracked Comedy

Cracked Comedy looks at President Andrew Jackson, most terrifying man ever elected!

They didn’t teach you this side of Andrew Jackson in school.  If they had, instead forcing you to memorize some dusty facts and dates, you’d know Andrew Jackson as well as you do Michael Jackson…And much better than you recall the lesser-known brothers like Marlin and Tito.
When you see how A.J. ‘entertained’ after his win, keep in mind the painful biting of tongues Democrats are still engaging in after the recent Obama win. Any sign of joy or elation is still considered to be poor form or ‘rubbing it in.’ It’s a certainty that Jackson lost no sleep over his opponent’s tender feelings!

Kimmel: Old Timey attack ads. Your mother is a whore ?


Prepare to be shocked by these old timey ads!  While Jimmy spoofs Harding and Cox, he also brings a bit of shocking history to the fore. John Quincy Adams let fly against Andrew Jackson, accusing him of all manner of dirtball behavior, then topped it by calling his mother a ‘whore.’ I just love tradition!

Jimmy Kimmel explores old timey attack ads which include charges of cannibalism