Bill Maher monologue, Arizona Gay Discrimination, Feb 28 2014

bill maher monologue

[jwplayer file="" image=""]Jan Brewer saved Arizona from becoming Mississippi, Russian and Uganda by vetoing the gay discrimination bill.  But we find out the next day the Arizona Republicans in the legislature submitted a bill for medical police to bust into abortion clinics unannounced and check out women's snatches.Later in the show Bill Maher said that ... Full Article & Video

Daily Show Al Madrigal finds Answer to gridlock with Arizona’s Republican Super Majority can pass anything

al madrigal in Chick-fil-a world

Here in Texas we have suffered a legislative super majority for some years now. Luckily we only meet every other year. But secession in not that far fetched.Arizona is not the only state with a State Gun. Utah has as it's state gun the Browning .45 automatic. Arizona's State Gun is the Colt .45 revolver.  ... Full Article & Video