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Assault rifle sportsmanship with Barry Goldwater

Assault rifle sportsmanship

”I’m completely opposed to selling automatic rifles. I don’t see any reason why they ever made semi-automatics. I’ve been a member of the NRA, I collect, make and shoot guns. I’ve never used an automatic or semiautomatic for hunting. There’s no need to. They have no place in anybody’s arsenal. Full Article & Video

The lasting image of Ferguson

The historic Ferguson Image

This is probably going to be the lasting image of Ferguson, much like the man with the shopping bags in front of that tank in Tianamen Square.  Or the cop with assault rifle in the face of Elian Gonzalez hiding in a closet.  My problem is there is a much Full Article & Video

Duck Dynasty at the Country Club

country club duck dynasty

Duck Dynasty stars pictured at the Country Club pool in the evening. So these fellas get rich by falling into a silly patent, they get bored being country club rich boys so they grow their hair and become stars for the Cracker Barrel, Walmart, NRA, Tea Party, Confederate Hillbilly crowd. Full Article & Video