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Sarah Palin: I Owe America A Global Apology

Sarah Palin

> My mind began to race when I read the title "Sarah Palin's Global Apology to America." First of all, Sarah Palin does NOT apologize. If indeed Palin was apologizing, I was about to see a precedent-setting interview with her good FOX friend Sean Hannity. Secondly, I was to see how one can apologize 'globally' to Full Article & Video

Key and Peele: ‘Obama Shutdown’ : Michele’s Anger Translator Negotiates Presidential Romance With Luther

 Key and Peele:

Obama's Anger translator Luther, isn't alone. Key & Peele have given Michelle her very own Anger Translator Katendra,who is every bit as wonderfully expressive as Luther. This is very good news, until the volatile duo have reason to express anger with one another, and it's time to take cover and watch the sparks fly. In the Full Article & Video

NJ Gov Chris Christie may leave GOP

hristie and obama

As you can see from the picture taken this Memorial Day of President Obama visiting the newly refurbished Jersey Shore with Republican Governor Chris Christie, this could very well be the end of Chris Christie as a Republican.  This is way beyond the pale.  Not only respecting the President of the United States, but being ... Full Article & Video