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The Republican Benghazi Slut

Republican Benghazi Slut

Not ugly enough. Either representation. So with Benghazi now proved to be the ugly crap the human community always knew it was, what's the GOP to do? Of course they want to impeach President Obama but that wouldn't look good. You know, looking good is what they are about. Like the recent months of their full Full Article & Video

Benghazi, over and done with

Benghazi over and done with

Now that a REPUBLICAN House panel has submitted their final investigation on Benghazi finding no issues, the question is whether Senator Lindsay Graham and Darrel Issa should be put on suicide watch. Or will we see the more natural process of them turning red, then purple, then blue and their heads exploding? It seems this Republican Full Article & Video

BENGHAZI, The Musical, Lauren Mayer

benghazi, Lauren Mayer

Benghazi, The Musical! - watch more funny videos I just met a girl named Benghazi... And now we have a new one.  Bergdahli! In fact we have a NEW ONE most everyday now. Do I smell another GOP political impeachment on the way? After all, this last one with the President trading prisoners to bring back Full Article & Video

Benghazi! The Republican Rosebud, Enos Cartoon

Benghazi, GOP rosebud

There seems to be a heavy UNSAID correlation between Benghazi and what is now top news with the VA.  Do we accept that with malice of forethought, the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton and the people at the VA want to see Americans die and their families suffer? And or that the Federal Government is intrinsically ... Full Article & Video

Bullet Points over Benghazi, Jon Stewart

bullet points over benghazi

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive OMG! Benghazi!  A House investigation!  Will the Republican held House of Representatives have more Benghazi investigations than they had votes to kill Obamacare? I hope it is as successful for them. The problem with Benghazi is that even if what Full Article & Video

Fox News Benghazi World View, Pat Bagley cartoon

fox news benghazi

I like the confederate flag hat on the Fox News dunce, but where is the assault rifle and Jesus? This issue keeps taking me back to September 11, 2001. My God man, At the very least, Secretary of DEFENSE Don Rumsfeld and National SECURITY Adviser Condolezza Rice should have had their resignations on President Bush's desk Full Article & Video

GOP Loves Putin, Benghazi, Obama Budget Jimmy Fallon monologue

 GOP Loves Putin, Benghazi, Obama Budget, Boehner

Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show monologue covered all of the good things that happened this - the first full week of March!  Sigh...I suppose Jimmy had to mention the Republican reaction to President Obama's proposed budget. Here's news from the D.C. water cooler. The 'twins' Lindsey Graham and John McCain blame the Russian bru-ha-ha on...Benghazi!  Why ... Full Article & Video