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So much for Trey Gowdy and the 8th Benghazi committee

So much for Trey Gowdy and the 9th Benghazi committee

Gee I hope Trey Whathisname will be okay after being beat up by a girl, I especially enjoyed Trey Whathisname's post committee stammering inability to answer "What new things did his committee find today?" What was cool about the hearing was that all Hillary had to do was just sit there and not tell any of ... Full Article & Video

The Republican Brand

The Republican Brand

Since the Republican primaries began the Republican brand has fallen 10 points, from 42% favorable in January to now 32% through August, and with a Democratic favorable at 48% Democrats have a 16 point advantage in today's polls to the White House. Full Article & Video

ISIS Founding Fathers, Lukovich Cartoon

ISIS Founding Fathers

This cartoon brings to mind the comparison of the Republican responsibility for 911 as opposed to the Democrat responsibility for Benghazi; 3000 Americans are killed in NEW YORK CITY because of gross Republican incompetence by George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Condelezza Rice and Donald  Rumsfeld who were warned, and who not only paid no price for ... Full Article & Video