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Religion, a wolf in sheep clothing

Religion, a wolf in sheep clothing

Of course this cartoon came from Australia, this kind of thing is not allowed in our mainstream press. Down here in Dumbutt, Texas we have a big religious brouhaha going on. A cadre of anti-gay Houston preachers tried to stop a city ordinance giving gay and transgender people equal access to city functions by trying to Full Article & Video

Stephen Colbert: Republican Steve King Gay Self Professed behavior

send steve king your gay porn

Please Hurry! Gay men and women send proof of your homosexuality to: Representative Steve King 2210 Rayburn Office Building Washington, DC 20515 That would include videos, photos, recordings and notarized accusations from family, friends and Christian bigots. In the short this is more semantic drool trying to pretend Homosexuality is not an immutable cause so not Full Article & Video