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Bill Maher and the Pope Twitter Wars

Pope Twiter war with Bill Maher

It's hard not to like Pope Francis.  He says all the right things.  Which is nice.  But please, what has he done? The most important issue to humanities' existence is the ecological destruction of the Earth. Which is exclusively the fault of over population.  And until this guy in the Vatican addresses that issue in a Full Article & Video

New Rules Bill Maher shorts, October 24 2014

bill maher new rules french bikers

Andrew Walls, 32, of Dover, Delaware is a pink pantie pussy Just had to get that up there top of the artcile doanyaknow.  Andrew Walls must be a barrel of laughs to hang with hey? Which is probably why his "friend" did the deed. Perhaps... Just maybe... The problem with humanity is too many people have Full Article & Video

Bill Maher in Minnesota, John Kline Flip a District

Bill Maher in Minnesota John Kline flip a district

Minneapolis suburban Republican Representative John Kline is the quietest right-wing lunatic in Congress, unlike Minneapolis suburban Republican Representative Michelle Bachmann who is the loudest and dumbest right-wing lunatic in Congress. But she is quitting because she can't win, is under indictment, and I believe is going to once again be driving the Clown Car for ... Full Article & Video