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Bill Maher’s flip a district finalists!

flip a district final four

Bill Maher's Flip a district four finalists: John Kline, Minnesota 2nd Blake Farenthold, Texas 27th Renee Elmers, N. Carolina 2nd Mike Coffman, Colorado 6th Vote at flipadistrict.com before labor day... The hardest one to beat is also the dumbest, Blake Farenthold, being from a town called THE BODY OF CHRIST is Full Article & Video

New Rules Bill Maher, Vacations! August 1 2014

New Rules Bill Maher

So the most Christian, the most capitalist industrialized nation on Earth is only the 17th happiest? With all those non religious pinko socialist countries ahead of us in the happy index. Why is that? Is it just their long vacations? Health care for everyone? A society without guns? No executions. Full Article & Video

Bill Maher on Daily Show, Jon Stewart

bill maher on Daily Show

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive "Drugs are good and religion is bad." Bill Maher's campaign slogan Bill Maher found great success on the legalizing drugs issue but only a modicum of success on the bad religion part. One silly Full Article & Video

Maternity t-shirts with Bill Maher

maternity tshirts bill maher

Bill Maher Responds to some liberal politically correct t-shirt nazis. This political correctness finger shaking in your face crap has lost more voters to the GOP than any other single factor. It is the issue that destroyed the word LIBERAL. Whenever anal retentive intolerance overwhelms you, run into the bathroom, Full Article & Video