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Bill Maher goes Country Western with Joni Ernst

Joni Ernst, sings breadbags on my feet

Joni Ernst has a Country Western album out called Bread Bags on my Feet which is filled with such down home Iowa homilies as "I shot the Census Taker" and "You are the Wheels beneath my House." Sadly the Senate calls for first term Senators to be quiet and not make waves which could mean we ... Full Article & Video

Bill Maher New Rules, GOP 2016 candidates, Jan 23 2015

Bill Maher new rules gop candidates 2016

I would guess the GOP contenders for President were edited down to nine for time constraints with Rick Santorum and Scott Walker sure to run and and several potential candidates we pray will run; Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and of course Fling Bang Moose Rusty Bilibong Poostinky Oatmeal Cheese who recently left the ... Full Article & Video