Weed Man Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams report on weed

Weed Man Jon Stewart reportsPromoting marijuana has gone from Cheech and Chong to Dr Sanjay Gupta and it only took 45 years and millions of kids thrown in jail and their lives ruined which is still the case in 44 states.

But I do take issue with one thing in this. Tapping out the seeds from double albums began with BLOND ON BLOND in 1966, then THE WHITE ALBUM in 1968 and of course EXILE ON MAIN STREET in 1972. It was not until 1979 that THE WALL arrived.

king crimson seed removalOh, and not to forget one special foldout single album from 1969 hat perhaps was the king of seed removal, In the Court of the Crimson King. Few remember the songs but all remember the album cover.

Oh and Skunk Weed being BAD is in the parlay of opposites. Ditch Weed was the crap…

420, Cheech and Chong to TED on legalizing pot

“Relax, smoke a little weed, love one another.”

tommy chong mind expanding

So…. What do you think the chances of these pot smokers finding religion and blowing up people and shooting doctors in the back?
But what if we put pot and religion together?  How many Rastafarians are on Jihad or screaming at women choosing to have abortions?

What drove me from agnostic to atheist?  It wasn’t the ignorance of creationism, separation of church and state issues, the bigotry and intolerance or even all the horrible genocidal murdering crap in the Bible. It was taking the time to lean back and think about our Judeo/Christian theology.
Three main issues that go way way beyond the pale.

1) It all begins with a WOMAN corrupting a MAN.
2) The story of Abraham. If the voice of God tells you to murder your children, do not think, obey. [The Andrea Yates Clause]
3) That babies are born filled with sin and the only way to keep babies – and non babies as well – from suffering eternal damnation in Hell is to have some nice young man arrested, tortured and executed. And then symbolically eaten for 2000 years.

That’s not theology, that is garbage. Not even the good kind of garbage but rotten garbage.  And you know that thing about garbage in garbage out?

So what can be done? Take religion away from people? That’s not gonna happen as it serves a need for those who don’t have much going for them, it brightens their dismal day so to say. Or how about a rewrite of the Bible to take all the silliness and horror out of it? Not going to happen.

The answer of course is obvious. Change transmutation [cannibalism] from a wine and wafer base, to a rum and spliff base. Rastafarian America Today!

420, Cheech and Chong Read the Bible

cheech and chong read bibleCheech and Chong or some preacher or Pope show us that the Bible says whatever you want it to say, no matter who reads it.

The answer to this horrible intolerant and at best  silly form of American Christianity corrupted and bastardized by Right-wing politics can be corrected with just one word, RASTAFARIAN.

If you can’t find me for a few days, don’t worry, I am just at the hair dressers doing dreadlocks. I hear it takes a few days. Then off to Colorado to found the Branch Rastafarians! Anyone know if it’s a requirement to use grocery bags and newspapers instead of Zig-Zags?