New Rules with Bill Maher, Roberts Court worse than Obamacare, Nov 15 2013

New Rules Bill Maher

[jwplayer file="" image=""]Citizens United and the Voting Rights Act roll back are direct attacks upon Democracy. The John Roberts Court can easily be said to be the most anti Democratic in our history. With all five Republicans proved so wrong so fast.During the Voting RIghts Act argument John Roberts personally and sarcastically asked if we ... Full Article & Video

New Rules with Bill Maher, Citizens United, North Carolina, Art Pope and Jay Z August 2 2013

New Rules with Bill Maher

[jwplayer file="" image=""]Last show of the season with a serious ending. The 5 Republicans on the Supreme Court did more to harm our American democracy than any terrorist, socialist, or communist in our history. Sure Sheldon Adleson spent $150 million last elections cycle in his failed attempt to do away with President Obama, but I ... Full Article & Video

Obama Team Apologizes to Romney and Stephanie Kicks Rich White Booty! : SecondCityComedy

Second City Comedy: Stephanie Cuttler of Obama Team apologizes retroactively to Romney for implying he

In June Stephanie Cutter retroactively apologized for statements she had yet to make, implying that Romney was a liar or a felon. We trust that he accepted her apology in behalf of the Obama campaign,due to his precedent of retiring from Bain Capital retroactively. Not only can she reverse time, she apparently traveled forward to a ... Full Article & Video