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Jon Stewart, Mitt full of Dollars

Romney, Mitt full of dollars

  Wow! Do the math!  That's $175 million. And that's to the campaign not the Super Packs. Just one Super Pack has already gotten $10 million from Las Vegas Gambling Boss and Neo Con Sheldon Adelson who says he will give $90 million more. THAT'S JUST ONE REPUBLICAN. And the 5 Republicans on the Supreme Court Full Article & Video

Colbert: Wisconsin puts an end to Unions nationwide

colbert wisconsin recall unions

  This is not only about a few oil billionaires eliminating unions from the Citizen's United decision which now gives ALL the big money in politics to Republican Millionaires, it also tells us what Americans think of teachers, who are the main beneficiaries of public sector unions. In most of the civilized AND uncivilized world teachers Full Article & Video