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Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Dennis Rodman N. Korea Rant

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Dennis Rodman

Inset: Dennis Rodman in happier times, when he said 'Yes to the dress!' Like many of us, Jimmy Kimmel  finds it difficult to understand what Dennis Rodman was trying to convey in the wake of his latest 'Basketball Diplomacy' trip to North Korea, where he helped to celebrate 'Dear Leader' Kim Jong-un's  birthday. The players who Full Article & Video

No Selfie Necessary on These 11 Occasions Buzzfeed

No Selfie Necessary in These 11 Occasions   Buzzfeed

There's a good time to selfie and a bad time...Lots of bad times, here are a few of them. Unbelievable! While it goes without saying that these are all inappropriate and silly times to immortalize yourself, it goes without saying that taking a selfie while driving is verboten, just as the simple act of walking ... Full Article & Video

Conan O’Brien, Skydiving With Dolphins, Animal Catapult

Andy Richter Reports:Skydive With Dolphins, Animal Catapult. Conan O

Andy Richter has the skinny on the latest breaking news stories for next week. I have only mentioned a few of the highlights, Andy examines the world of  alcoholic ventriloquists and their co-dependent dummies...Rather, partners.  Here's an exciting vacation idea you won't soon forget...skydiving with the dolphins!   Lastly, Andy explores animal catapults, and asks, ... Full Article & Video

Who is the Most Racist? White Republicans Think Black People Are Racist According to Rasmussen Report. NMA Comedy

White Republicans Think Black People Most Racist According To Rasmussen Report.  NMA Comedy News

One big take-away from this survey is the finding that there is a strong correlation between the respondent's political affiliation and their perception of racism in people from other racial groups. One could conclude that Republicans are experiencing a bit of cognitive dissonance,  now that the push is on to convince minority voters that they ... Full Article & Video

Facts Evade Dancing Steven Seagal, Rohrbacher & Bachmann: International Boston Bombing Investigation: Martin Bashir

Facts Evade Steven Seagal, Dancing Fool. Also Rohrbacher & Bachmann...Ordinary Fools On International Boston Bombing Investigation

What Martin Bashir pronounces elegantly as 'Dauncing' hardly fits the spectacle seen here of Steven Seagal perfecting his international relations skills.   Seen surrounded by ladies, strutting his stuff at the palace, while enjoying the hospitality of the feared  head of Chechen Republic,  Seagal may not be the most unbiased civilian that Congressional  'investigators' Rohrbacher and ... Full Article & Video

Woodward & Bernstein’s Knees Would Be Knocking in 2013 Benghazi Cover-Up . BSof A Comedy

Woodward & Bernstein

If you can project the fearless journalists Woodward and Bernstein into today's 2013 Washington D.C. they might remain nobodies, if you believe the Benghazi-Gate hype! In this skit, their editor is excited about the connection between the Obama Administration and the Benghazi cover-up...But maybe discretion is the better part of valor? To that end it's better Full Article & Video