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Conan: NY Mayor Anthony Weiner Advertisment

Weiner wiener

Ha! From Weiner's wiener to Tony's Tush! Why is it you think that South Carolina Republicans will forgive Mark Sanford for wholesale adultery and lying about it but NY liberals are balking at forgiving Anthony Weiner for tweeting a cockshot and lying about it? Shouldn't that be the other way around?  Is there a listing of Full Article & Video

Conan: Hasselbeck’s Criticism of Obama Prompts 28th Amendment for Reality Show Losers

Conan O

Tuesday night Conan took umbrage with Elizabeth Hasselbeck's strident questioning of the President  when the POTUS  guested on The View recently. Just between us, she ruined everyone's good time in a most unpleasant way, but that isn't why Conan addressed the issue again. Conan wanted to clarify that his problem with Hasselbeck isn't partisan, he ... Full Article & Video