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Awesome Hasan Minhaj makes a fool of Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros, Fox News Airhead from hell

"America is awesome!" Andrea Tantaros' defense of American torture. Step aside Sister Sarah. Move over Mrs Bachmann. No more Vogue covers for you Virginia Foxx! Andrea Tantaros is the hands up winner of the Republican Airhead of the Century award.  She is so awesome. More awesome than America. This award has been a long time coming Full Article & Video

Hands Up with Larry Wilmore, Daily Show

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

"I don't know Jon, I would say they should probably go fk themselves." Larry Wilmore to that endless line of Fox News, talk radio and Republican pundits who defend white cops shooting unarmed black men by attacking the victims, their families, their communities and tell the big fat lie that no one talks about black ... Full Article & Video

Lewis Black on Black Friday, Daily Show

lewis black black friday

You can't make a store open on Thanksgiving. It's just a poor helpless corporation. But people? Punch in and shut the fk up. You can see your family in January. Speaking of Venus and Mars... I had carpet cleaners here the other day and asked how many men they talked to on the job. They told Full Article & Video

Daily Show, The Stack Panel election results

Daily Show Stack review the election

The voters have spoken and they are rejecting Obama's legacy of tyranny! Aasif Mandvi Midterm elections are meaningless, the only ones who vote are alcoholic racists. Everyone knows that! Jessica Williams I agree with Jessica!  John Hodgman My balls are killing me!  Jordan Klepper I especially like how they made the stack high to low rather Full Article & Video

Jordan Klepper makes fool of the UN, Daily Show

jordan klepper makes fool of the UN

The United Nations was finally ratified in 1945 due mostly to the work of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. I know this from recently watching the 14 hour PBS documentary by Ken Burns, THE ROOSEVELTS. Did even one Republican watch the show? Has even one Republican ever watched PBS for that matter? After all, they can watch Full Article & Video