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Letterman: Presidents Second Acts, Pope & Evolution

Letterman:Presidents Second Acts,the Pope & Evolution, Obama Flies the Bird

David Letterman's hilarious monologue from Monday is far-reaching. From religion and science to world events and politics, Dave has it all. Dave takes you to Vatican City to hear Pope Francis tell throngs of people why he believes in evolution. I was shocked. I've always theorized that the Pope's stance was based in large part on Full Article & Video

Restless Tongue Syndrome, David Letterman

restless tongure syndrome

Reminds me... A few years ago I was sitting in the dentist chair listening to the doctor tell me the horrors of tongue studs. How much trouble they cause by knocking off the enamel around teeth causing more cavities and more removals. Much of the problem comes from people moving their tongue around when they ... Full Article & Video

Letterman: Top Ten Reasons Romney Lost, Including Christians & White Folks

David Letterman Top Ten Romney scapegoats. Why Romney

As someone who was prepared to become the leader of this country, surely Mitt Romney has analyzed every detail of his campaign, and is fully taking sole responsibility for for his loss. Correction...The Christians and white people who did not go out and vote share the responsibility. Otherwise, Romney's shoulders are broad enough to carry ... Full Article & Video