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Stephen Colbert calls penalty on Michael Sam kiss

Stephen Colbert calls penalty of Michael Sam kiss

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive Where would Fox & Friends be without their morning input from The Donald Trump? He adds about as much credibility to FOX NEWS CHANNEL as their FAIR AND BALANCED byline does. Boy, Fox News, Republicans, Putin and the Russians don't like this Full Article & Video

Jessica Williams makes a fool of Donald Trump

jessica williams makes fool of donald trump

Liberty means no one can tell us who we can shoot or how many times we can shoot them. Where does the government get off telling me who I can forbid from marrying? I pray each night that Donald Trump will enter the 2016 GOP presidential primaries or even better, begin his campaign early by running Full Article & Video

72% of Independents polls side with Democrats

Moderate signs

This new poll tells is that 51% of Americans are independents in the middle. Leaving the rest split between liberals and conservatives. Here are the Democratic issues this mass of the middle support: Gun control Abortion rights Birth Control Gay Marriage Religion out of politics Higher taxes Government health care Food stamps Pre school education And Full Article & Video

Orangutan sues Bill Maher, Lukovich cartoon

donald trump sues bill maher

Thank you Donald for giving Bill Maher something to talk about tonight! And thank you Larry Flint for making this a joke rather than a serious matter. The Donald seems to be a living breathing example of the GOP since the election. We are losers, and will become even bigger losers unless we change, but we Full Article & Video