When Animals Take On Drones – The Drones Lose!

When Animals Take On  Drones - The Drones Lose!

Jeanne Moos presents  an outrageously funny video compilation  of drones meeting a bad end while trying to photograph animals. Sure the drones come in peace, they aren’t those kind of drones; but the critters don’t seem to care.  The flying gadgets look like dinner to an Australian eagle, who capably intercepts it and brings the $2000 ‘bird’ down…Then discovers it’s a disappointing dinner.  A group of chimps in the Netherlands take the invader down with sticks, and inadvertently take selfies.  A frustrated alligator, nearly sprouts wings to reach one of the contraptions.   Rams and bees take umbrage with the things, and a pair of labs think it’s the best Frisbee ever, and take it down!

You can probably guess which animal is the least prepared to deal with a flying drone – and he’s armed with a bag full of golf clubs!

Jon Stewart Selma: CNN drones it and Fox News plays the White Victim

OMG, where are the Bushes?! Oh there they are. But where’s Waldo?

Cnn Drones in SelmaYou know, depending on the region one is from things can be seen quite differently. Case in point. Being from Texas I have little fear of drones outside my window. For I know they will never make this far through the gunfire. There will be a bounty on them I am sure, like with wolves, Indians and Mexicans. Though we are out of wolves and almost out of Indians.

As to playing the white victims of the Selma march over the weekend reported by Fox News? Come on, that is what they do, give them a break.

The break no one should ever give Republicans ib allowing them to play the WAY BACK MACHINE tooting their horn for Republicans fighting slavery and Jim Crow. Well until THE DAY the Voting Rights Act was signed and the roles on race relations did a 180 turnaround and completed within five years. For as LBJ said the day he signed it, we Democrats have now lost the South.  Richard Nixon picked up on it, named it “The Southern Strategy” which got him elected in 1968 and which every Republican has played into since. It is one of those things that so many of us let slide because we think everyone knows it and understands it and there is no need to explain it.

WRONG. You have to remember that FOX NEWS viewers are the most ill informed not only because the nursing home won’t shut the damn thing off in the day room, but even if they could they would not watch anything else. It is why FOX NEWS claims to be Fair & Balanced, it may be an inside joke to those who work at FOX NEWS, but it is no joke to those who watch it.

In fact a recent Pew poll found that FOX NEWS is the most trusted news source in America! Out trusting not only cable news outlets, but NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS.  So please whenever you hear any politician use the term “intelligent American voter” stick you finger down your throat.

Jon Stewart, Dan Patrick and Drones Love Obama!

Texas Lt Governor Dan PatrickThere is no love greater than that of a drone for an American President, we just need to keep our killer drones in the Middle East terrorizing the people there not here. The troops who man those are heroes you see. Like snipers.

Two beheadings are bad, but 100 executions are fine. Our snipers and spies are heroes while theirs are devils. Invading another country is fine, those defending it need to be killed. IUDs are terrifying, Cruise Missiles are fun. What we do to our footballs is okay, it’s just when the other team does it that is so upsetting.

Speaking of Amazon’s idea to deliver packages by drone there is a show stopper in that. At least here in Texas anyway.

Our new Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick – a right-wing talk radio host and evangelical fundamentalist Christian who won by 24 points – just changed the voting rules in the Texas State Legislature to reflect his power, the power of the the GOP and of course the power of Jesus Christ. It means that he can now pass his school voucher system to destroy what is left of Texas Public Education, but more immediately, like next week, the OPEN CARRY crowd will win the day and here in Texas we will be seeing right-wing NRA lunatics not only carrying AR15s but now 9mm Glocks at:

College classrooms
College Fraternity keg parties
Sports arenas
Rocket’s games
The Zoo – Look out you monkeys!
Rap concerts
Hardware stores

And if you don’t think these people are going to shoot down drones hovering over their property you got another thing coming. The guns are their whole life. Well that an Bud Lite and trying of get women to like them…

I you see someone with a gun in a store or a restaurant leave your cart or your table, grab your children and leave immediately. If you see anyone on the street with a gun call the police immediately. Just as you would do if they were black or Muslim looking.

UPDATE!  Texas Open Carry is literally up in arms today that Lt Governor Dan Patrick has put off the OPEN CARRY vote until the next legislature, claiming even with his extra votes rules he passed last week, there is not enough support for it. Keep in mind the Texas Legislature convenes only every other year. So it seems Dan Patrick is going to stick only with passing good Christian legislation fouling the environment, deporting Mexicans, more executions for less reason, the fight to keep and advance paddling in public schools, denying women abortion and birth control and above all doing all he can to advance school vouchers to move Texas public education into the hands of evangelical fundamentalist Christian preachers and the Pope. Which is pretty much the same thing other than the new Pope has learned to use nicer kinder words to the same ends.