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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Drones & Balls

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Drones & Balls

John Oliver takes the joy right out of the drone program for fans of the stealth weapons of indiscriminate destruction. Oddly, many Americans are widely accepting of drone strikes - on other countries, although we know very little about the program or what it actually does...A case of absence and ignorance making the heart a ... Full Article & Video

LA Sheriff drone shot down by Hockey fans

LA Sheriff drone shot down by fans

Not too long ago I was commenting upon the story that Amazon may soon be delivering packages by drones.  I wondered how many would actually make it to their destination without being shot down by gun enthusiasts. This story helps make that point though in this case it was t shirt enthusiasts who did the deed, Full Article & Video

Smart bombs and smart girls, Lukovich cartoon

Smart  bombs and smart girls

There is some unpopular pragmatism. Smart women create more democracy and drones work. Here in America it is not so much smart women, but smart people we don't like. After all, they tell us many things we don't like hearing. How much power does the media have?  In the early 2000s about 10% of us didn't Full Article & Video

The Drone Race, Toles cartoon

drone race

This is something I have been thinking on for quite some time now.  America was once ascendent with the atom bomb. We could use it when we thought necessary, even on an enemy who had NO AIR FORCE, NO NAVY, had retreated into it's own borders and no longer posed a threat. But it only ... Full Article & Video

FunnyOrDie Video: GI JOE Drone Operator

Funny Or Die video  GI JOE  drone operator is the modern warrior action figure

GI Joe is ready for the new age of warfare.  You'll notice this GI Joe is...Well, 'puffier' than previous dolls...Er, action figures in the GI JOE line. That's because he no longer runs through battlefields in combat boots. From the safety and comfort of his ergonomically designed chair with special lumbar pillow, he's more dangerous ... Full Article & Video