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The Drone Race, Toles cartoon

drone race

This is something I have been thinking on for quite some time now.  America was once ascendent with the atom bomb. We could use it when we thought necessary, even on an enemy who had NO AIR FORCE, NO NAVY, had retreated into it's own borders and no longer posed Full Article & Video

FunnyOrDie Video: GI JOE Drone Operator

Funny Or Die video  GI JOE  drone operator is the modern warrior action figure

GI Joe is ready for the new age of warfare.  You'll notice this GI Joe is...Well, 'puffier' than previous dolls...Er, action figures in the GI JOE line. That's because he no longer runs through battlefields in combat boots. From the safety and comfort of his ergonomically designed chair with special Full Article & Video