kim jong un shoots his uncle

Kim Jong Un has executed 225 less people that Rick Perry, Danziger cartoon

kim jong un shoots his uncle

Texas Governor Rick Perry has had a big enjoyable breakfast each of 234 mornings after overseeing  executions here in Texas. Which according to Amnesty International is 225 more "after execution breakfasts" than totalitarian communist Kim Jong Un. Texas exceptionalism at work along with our most Christian and Jesus loving American governor. Hear! Here for Jesus! ... Full Article & Video

New Rules with Bill Maher, California Exceptionalism, Sept 27 2013

New Rules with Bill Maher

[jwplayer file="" image=""]For those who are unaware, American Exceptionalism means that Jesus Christ likes Americans most.California is indeed our cultural and political leader, usually about a decade ahead of most of the the rest of the country.  California is a civilized place, free from both the Tea Party Ugly, the confederacy and the NRA ... Full Article & Video