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Australia Tea Party Tommy Toyworld, FOD

tommy toyworld

Australia meets Brooklyn. After Tommy Toyworld gets done with Australia he is coming for Obama! Did you know that Australia has some of the most unAmerican gun laws in the world?  That they fine you if you do not vote? That they have universal health care that covers everyone through a payroll tax? And the thing Full Article & Video

Tea Party Young Guns and Racism, FOD

Tea Party Young Guns

This video is a treasure chest of Tea Party images that present us with not only the racism and intolerance inherent within it, but the anger and ignorance that drives it. One of the reasons our great political divide keeps growing is that Republicans, Tea Party or not, do not see anything wrong with this picture Full Article & Video

United States of NRA, Benson Cartoon


At least we are still Number One in something.  We are also Number Two in executions!  We are exceptional! What have the Republicans CUT SPENDING in more than anything else?  Yes indeed, education. After all, smart educated people do not vote for Republicans. Full Article & Video

Bill Maher attacks American Exceptionalism

bill maher on american exceptionalism

  How is American Exceptionalism any different than German Exceptionalism of the 1930s?  I suppose one could argue that Nazism was more concerned with RACE rather than NATIONALISM, but it seems to me every person who screeches about American Exceptionalism is Whiter than Johnny Winter.  Oh, and faith based rather than reason based. Once a nation Full Article & Video