New Facebook Feature Pinpoints Exactly When Things Went Wrong Onion

New Facebook Feature Scans Profile To Pinpoint Exactly When Things When Things Went Wrong ONION

The new Life-Point function is the latest and most impressive of a long line of Facebook improvements. First there was News Feed, then came Time Line and most recently Grafter.  Life-Point does what no other program can. Not only does it pinpoint exactly when things went wrong for you, but you may also compare your progress to that of friends.
With any luck, they are bigger losers than you are, although it’s doubtful. Everyone I see has a full life, lovely vacations and wonderful kids and grand kids – oh, and a fulfilling career that pays stacks o’ money.
Anyone with a lesser life has sensibly skulked off of Facebook  to lurk elsewhere.

Using photos, status updates, Likes and everything you put on Facebook (think about that for a moment) –  the program  is able to analyze exactly when and how thing started to go wrong. The new function distills each user’s mistakes into one easy-to-find moment when their lives irrevocably took a turn for the worse.

In the words of Mark Zuckerberg: “Life-Point is your guide to Facebook’s Museum of Sadness.”
If the old Facebook could tell you when your relationship ended, this version can tell you exactly when it began to fall apart!

Facebook’s Most Invasive App Yet. It’s True! Jimmy Kimmel

Facebook's Most Invasive App Yet. It's True! Jimmy Kimmel

We love new Apps, but Facebook has a new feature that will make you want to quickly move off of the grid.
Quite simply, Facebook’s new feature uses the microphone in your smartphone to listen in on the TV shows and movies you’re watching, and even the music you’re listening to.

Maybe you’re a little paranoid. This might be a good time to grab your meds. Facebook not only listens…That wouldn’t be so bad, right? The interesting part is that it then posts all of that information to your Facebook page – with no action on your part. Imagine, you’ll be just as surprised as your followers when you see where you’ve been browsing, and what dreck you’ve been listening to…As a research project, of course!   It turns everything you’re doing into a status update. Do we really want Facebook reporting everything we do?

Jimmy predicts a day when the next step is inevitable –  in a creepy Sci-Fi kind of way…And possibly illegal, for you unless you can evade the thought police..   “Facebook – We’re inside your head”