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COPS, Ferguson Bad Boys, FOD

Cops, Ferguson

“They are nothing but a bunch of monkeys. The only reason they have this job is the n*gger, n*gger in them.” “I wish someone would pull a Ferguson on them and take them out. I hate looking at those African monkeys at work… I enjoy arresting those thugs with their saggy pants.” A few of the Full Article & Video

Detective Sharklumbo, FOD

Detective sharklumbo

Sharklumbo! Fumbling detective will eat you. Don't underestimate sharks in the room, or from personal experience, in the boat. True Shark Story: Hooked up to a rig about 30 miles out of Galveston. My boy and I on a 22 foot boat. I put the rod up to jump in the water and snorkel the rig Full Article & Video

Mad Men office secretary 2014, FOD

mad men secretary 2014

What is it about the MAD MEN women dressed so retro but being so much hotter than women today? It is just the actresses who play the parts? Or perhaps the parts themselves? They missed a big one on this parody that I actually witnessed some years ago when I was doing computer consulting. Putting the Full Article & Video

Washington Redskins vs The National Negroes, FOD

Washington Redskins vs The National Negroes

Washington Redskins - watch more funny videos Well done putting all this in context. The San Francisco Queers, the Montana Lesbos, the Arizona Wetbacks, the Washington Redskins, the Mississippi Crackers, the Georgia Peckerwoods, The New York Jews, The Hollywood Feminazis, the Florida Sluts, the New Jersey Spics... And why is it I can find not one Full Article & Video

N’Oreal age reversal cream, FOD


N'Oreal - watch more funny videos BUT SHE SAID SHE WAS 54! And... It aint over till it's over... I am still waiting for the news of some old fart kidnapping children for their age reversal blood we heard about a few months ago. Perhaps some entrepreneur will find a way to accomplish blood transfusions from Full Article & Video

May I help You? FOD

May I help You? FOD

Can I Help You? - watch more funny videos A video that brushes art with a trick ending... And what happened to that horrible creep who got between a man and his food? Have you ever been in the position of seeing someone in a store buying what you know to be crap and wanting to Full Article & Video

Brostitutes, men need pals, FOD

brostitutes, fod

Brostitutes - watch more funny videos Is this making fun of husbands or wives? My experience is pretty much the opposite of the message here. Husbands need fewer pals to help their marriage along. Though the problem of having more fun with your buddies than with your wife does dissipate with time the fact remains, ... Full Article & Video

Burger Queen, rapping the misogamy, FOD

jive talking rapping crap

Burger Queen - watch more funny videos There is something to this one. Quite a lot to it in fact. Is the raw misogamy of rap culture just a bunch of ugly crap to compensate for one thing or another? Does it actually work on Black women?  Are there two worlds of Black language? Is it Full Article & Video

Jesse Ventura for President, FOD

jesse ventura for president

Jesse Ventura for President? from Funny Or Die "I am an atheist. I don't believe you can be an atheist and admit it and get elected in our country." Jesse Ventura 2011 Who do you want answering that red phone at 3am in the morning? A Bush, a Clinton, or a hyped up professional wrestler? Well Full Article & Video

Palcohol changes the world, FOD

palcohol funny or die

It must be said that the government has retracted it's statement that it will soon allow Palcohol to be sold in the United States. Here are a few reasons why... The immediate use for Palcohol has not been mentioned here or anywhere for that matter.  You wanna make a lot of money?  Sell Palcohol in cruise Full Article & Video