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Fox News rogue Shep Smith decries torture

Fox News rogue Shep Smith on torture

"I find it sad and horrifying that we are still debating torture... Ronald Reagan said we are a shinning city on the hill, we're America we don't toture." Fox News Shep Smith. Take notice of the FOX NEWS FACTS scroll running below their rogue Shep Smith. Fox News finds itself in somewhat of a bind now Full Article & Video

Fox News Sex line will Hasselbeck you hard!

fox news sex line

WOW!  Seems Fox News somehow got this taken down from FunnyOrDie. You really missed a good one! When I do it back there, I call it Megyn Kelly! Which reminds me of Fox News coworker Andrea Mackris' sexual harassment suit against  Fox News and Bill O'Reilly in 2005 which was settled out of court for several Full Article & Video

What to do about gay babies

What to do about gay babies

"Bring unto me the little children and I will slap the crap out of them." Jesus Christ American New Testament 3:54 The debate between The North American Gay Baby Anti-Defamation Association versus the No Gays Near My Baby or NAGBADA. As again we see the division more about stupid vs smart than any other single factor. Full Article & Video

Megyn Kelly’s Hilarious Voter Fraud Gotcha Fail!

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly's big Colorado voter fraud story was a four-alarm, crooked Democrat 'gotcha' for Fox News!   Leave it to Rachel Maddow to douse the scandal with secret information -also available to Megyn Kelly, Fox News researchers, and 5th graders with an internet connection. But first, let's re-live Kelly's moment in the sun. Megyn Kelly's sourpuss permascowl Full Article & Video

Hot Young Women Too Stupid to Vote: Fox News

Hot Young Women Too Stupid to Vote: Fox News

If you're a 'hot, healthy young woman' the panel of Fox's 'The Five' - which includes two attractive women,advises you to "go back to Tinder or Match.com,” and stay away from the ballot box. I'm going to assume you realize what an insult this is, coming from the Fox opinion crew "The Five."  They'd also ... Full Article & Video

Fox News Halloween all year round

fox news halloween all year round

Be afraid very afraid. Quite a spin on FDR's famous "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" quote. I guess the Fox News spin is "the only thing we have to win with is fear itself." This election cycle "October Surprise" is Ebola, and on the heels of ISIS to boot. Millions of Full Article & Video