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Fox News Living Room

Fox News Living Room

Have you heard that an undocumented Mexican killed a woman in San Francisco last week and this weekend an undocumented Mexican raped a 13 year old girl so it follows that undocumented Mexicans are murderers and rapists. Full Article & Video

Fox News Pastor Robert Jeffress says Jesus was an asshole

fox news pastor Robert Jeffress says Jesus is an asshole

“Look, a lot of these liberal churches that harbor illegal immigrants who are criminals say they are following the example of Jesus, the only problem is they are following the Jesus of their imagination rather than the Jesus of the Bible,” Fox News Pastor Robert Jeffress But but but the whole ball of wax is just imagination ... Full Article & Video

Larry Wilmore on Fox Family & Friends peckerwoods

Larry Wilmore Fox News peckerwoods

Just in case you don't know the names of these peckerwoods at Fox News who are using the tragedy in South Carolina to push both their War on Christianity crap and promote open carry of guns in churches, their names are Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and right-wing transracial pastor E. Full Article & Video