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Fox News Megan Kelly cartoon hot!

megyn kelly cartoon hot

  Other than Obamanomics soaring along with Obamacare after Republicans killed the economy and have done nothing about healthcare in,  hmm, well ever I suppose, it's time for Fox News to change gears into something more realistic. Full Article & Video

Who won’t use the ISLAM word?

Who won

Boy has this absurd issue of the President not blaming ISLAM for terrorism been at the top of the news cycle for too long which is now being the mainstay of Fox News, talk radio and most every Republican who has not owned the Oval Office. Full Article & Video

Billy on the Street with Michele Obama and Bigbird

michelle Obama and Bigbird

I include this video for three reasons; to compliment the outrageous President Obama viral Buzzfeed video, to make sure you know what this is that Fox News and talk radio will soon be calling inappropriate and horrifying, and most importantly my conclusion that Michelle Obama is the most beautiful First Lady we ever had. Full Article & Video