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Megyn Kelly’s Hilarious Voter Fraud Gotcha Fail!

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly's big Colorado voter fraud story was a four-alarm, crooked Democrat 'gotcha' for Fox News!   Leave it to Rachel Maddow to douse the scandal with secret information -also available to Megyn Kelly, Fox News researchers, and 5th graders with an internet connection. But first, let's re-live Kelly's moment in the sun. Megyn Kelly's sourpuss permascowl Full Article & Video

Hot Young Women Too Stupid to Vote: Fox News

Hot Young Women Too Stupid to Vote: Fox News

If you're a 'hot, healthy young woman' the panel of Fox's 'The Five' - which includes two attractive women,advises you to "go back to Tinder or Match.com,” and stay away from the ballot box. I'm going to assume you realize what an insult this is, coming from the Fox opinion crew "The Five."  They'd also ... Full Article & Video

Fox News Halloween all year round

fox news halloween all year round

Be afraid very afraid. Quite a spin on FDR's famous "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" quote. I guess the Fox News spin is "the only thing we have to win with is fear itself." This election cycle "October Surprise" is Ebola, and on the heels of ISIS to boot. Millions of Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart & Jessica Williams make fool of Arthur Aidala

Fox News hotties with the clap

Ahhh, everybody wants to fk my mom... So the most attractive woman in congress, Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wrote a book with some revelations of sexism in Congress. Who would have guessed? Republicans are upset that she didn't name names. But wait, she named Democrat Harry Reid. She didn't name any Republicans. So... Gosh... Republicans don't Full Article & Video

Armed and Ugly Fox News Americans, Eagan Cartoon

Invasion of Guatemalan children

"That virus has never appeared outside of Africa, but Gingrey may have caught it from an illegal already, because I believe one of the symptoms is baseless fear leaking out of your ass." Stephen Colbert. Though only directed at Georgia Congressman and quack Phil Gingrey who accused Guatemalan children of bringing EBOLI to America, this quote Full Article & Video

Stephen Colbert calls penalty on Michael Sam kiss

Stephen Colbert calls penalty of Michael Sam kiss

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive Where would Fox & Friends be without their morning input from The Donald Trump? He adds about as much credibility to FOX NEWS CHANNEL as their FAIR AND BALANCED byline does. Boy, Fox News, Republicans, Putin and the Russians don't like this Full Article & Video