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Bill O’Reilly Podcasts his defense!

Bill O'Reilly Podcasts his defense!

Bill O’Reilly is moving on to daily podcasts and a Glenn Beck style subscription website! And he is innocent! It’s all a left-wing conspiracy War On Fox says his sleazeball pal Newt Gingrich.  So does Rush Limbaugh heading a long list of sleazeballs coming to his defense. Did I mention the President of the United…

SNL, Alec Baldwin is Bill O’Reilly & President Trump

SNL, Alec Baldwin is Bill O'Reilly & President Trump

Bill O’Reilly addresses sexual harassment in the Obama Administration, involvement of Susan Rice and after six women, $13 million in hush money and 22 advertiser walking out interviews his favorite defender who weighed in on the sexual harrassment accusations with: “I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.” Not he Fox News janitor or Bill Cosby…

Catheter Cowboy Slams O’Reilly and Trump About Sexual Harassment Part 2 – John Oliver

Catheter Cowboy Slams O'Reilly and Trump About Sexual Harrassment - John Oliver

If it’s deplorable that Fox News is standing by O’Reilly, the would-be seducer has another friend in Donald Trump. The alleged POTUS spoke out in O’Reilly’s defense, claiming Big Bill is innocent and shouldn’t have settled with the victims. Trump claims he ‘knows O’Reilly is a good guy.’ Well, if O’Reilly, Trump and Fox don’t…