I apologize for George Takei apologizing to Blackface Clarence Thomas

george takei and clarence thomasOh the world of political correctness, in this case conservative correctness where Republicans are being totalitarian NAZI word police telling the rest of us what we can say and how we must think. But no matter, PC has been the one issue above all others that has moved more people from the Democrat to Independent and Republican, though it has always been a double edged sword as in this case, liberals and Democrats have taken the shitend of the stick. Just ask any cracker.

Sure George Taki should not have used the “blackface” term for this Uncle Tom Oreo who serves mint juleps to white people. I suppose the new more acceptable term should be Clarence Thomas is transracial. A Right-wing Whiteman in… um… ah… What’s the word… Hmmm… Oh… Blackface.

Clarence “Slappy” Thomas judicial beliefs are founded upon a visceral overwhelming hatred of black women, liberals, Democrats, the NAACP, and a self loathing that God make him not only black but perhaps the ugliest man alive.

He takes gifts directly from the Koch Brothers and gives us the finger saying liberals can’t impeach the only black on the court. Through there is no law against him taking graft as he does, no other supreme court justice has ever done so. Thomas changed religions from black evangelical to Scalia Catholic soon after he joined the court and married a White woman who founded the DC Tea Party and now is a lobbyist for Right-wing political donation strategy. Who has taken big money directly from the Koch Brothers. And none of this covers him being the most incompetent Supreme Court Justice in American history. Indeed if he were white he would have been impeached long ago.

Here is the Clarence Thomas unbelievable dissent to the recent gay marriage decision that deserves more than being called a clown in blackface:

Human dignity cannot be taken away by the government. Slaves did not lose their dignity (any more than they lost their humanity) because the government allowed them to be enslaved. Those held in internment camps did not lose their dignity because the government confined them. And those denied governmental benefits certainly do not lose their dignity because the government denies them those benefits. The government cannot bestow dignity, and it cannot take it away.

Oh and this classic:

“But for them (affirmative-action laws), God only knows where I would be today. These laws and their proper application are all that stand between the first 17 years of my life and the second 17 years.” Clarence Thomas after being appointed by Ronald Reagan’s affirmative action plan to head the EEOC.

Or the brief version, “I got mine fk the rest of you nwords.”

Article by Rack Jite with no apology.

Jimmy Kimmel Funniest Viral Videos of 2014

Jimmy Kimmel Funniest Viral Videos of  2014Jimmy Kimmel reveals a cushy job description that I didn’t hear about on Career Day, or I might have set my course in a different direction. Jimmy claims to have four staffers who watch TV and scour the internet all day and night. They are searching for the funniest and strangest moments they can find. At the end of each year, they go through all of the great clips and select the best of the best.  As an added bonus, George Takei makes a guest appearance to accept the 2014 award in place of the winner, and offers words of encouragement. But first, check out Jimmy’s suit! It is the natural evolution of the ugly Christmas sweater, which has become the pinnacle of ironic, ugly and sought-after garments. It’s safe to say that Jimmy is ahead of the ugly suit trend.

You will be familiar with some of the videos selected. They were wildly popular and went viral. Others were a first to me, but funny in the way only the unexpected and completely unplanned can be.
The videos:

Here’s Ronnie!: Most dramatic and unplanned entrance into a retail shop.

Broom-O Mars: up on the rooftop. Most electrifying performance by someone who shouldn’t be singing.

Stop and Drink the Roses: The photo – or video bomb taken to the limit. I wonder if there was flower preservative in the vase.

Rave’ Organizer Speaks Out: Largest party ever in Michigan

.Saran Wrap Prank: Worked all too well.

The Winnah!
Bow-ties Speak Louder Than Words: Do the words “I’m not GAY no more!” ring a bell? “I will love women.” “I’m not going to carry a purse!” I have news for him, if he’s going to ‘love women’ he’s going to carry a purse now and then – while she’s in a dressing room trying on clothes.
When he accepted the award for this contestant George Takei extended an open invitation to “beam you right back up – to ‘I’m not straight no more’ no questions asked”

Stephen Colbert: George Takei Get out the Vote

Louie Gohmert is a FerengiLouie Gohmert is a Ferengi and George Takei eloquently explains why we should all go vote.

I have a shorter version. If you don’t vote you better not let me catch you complaining about the government. And if you do you will be found out. Well in Georgia anyway.

I disagree with political parties buying statewide voting rolls for $27 to publish the names of those who did not vote. Rather I believe there should be a requirement that everyone who does not vote get a facial tattoo to that effect.