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Bill Maher New Rule, Trump Jobs, June 16 2017

Bill Maher New Rule, Trump Jobs, June 16 2017

Amazon buying Whole Foods means Kale the next day at your doorstep! No more bonding with fellow liberals, vegans and no gmos. Losses of literally millions of jobs while President Trump stumps for coal miners and wets his pants playing truck driver and backhoe operator. Donny The Builder looking out for a dirty, foul, dangerous…

The Trump Fart heard ’round the World

Fart heard 'round the World

Hey Don, they aren’t laughing at America they are laughing at you, you dumbfk. I suppose that has been said literally a million times since Friday. And since the London Bridge terrorism our flatulent Orange Buffoon has tweeted himself into ever more trouble with everyone everywhere. Adding to that debacle his series of Trump tweets just this…