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Concealed Carry Control! : MarkFiore Cartoon

Concealed Carry Control: Mark  Fiore Cartoon

The current furor over gun control, and ongoing news of Assad's chemical weapons prompted this cartoon by Mark Fiore. In it, we see an America where Second Amendment advocates cling to chemical weapons...They are the ultimate in protection.  This is much better explained by Fiore himself,  but may I suggest you watch the video first.   Full Article & Video

Gun ownership is now only 36% of the population

gun enthusiasts

Found this page of graphs of the demographics on gun ownership.  A few things catch the eye. The gun ownership statistic page Gun ownership is going down as time passes. Which means the 300 million guns in circulation are owned by fewer and fewer people. Now only 36% of Americans are gun owners. From that group Full Article & Video

NRA Daily Gun Ad:Bloomberg’s Crazy Background Checks Call For MORE Guns! Fiore Animation

NRA Daily Gun Ad:Bloomberg

The NRA's latest ad details Mayor Bloomberg's insane comments about crazy, intrusive,  background checks on compliant gun owners.  Today it's a background check, tomorrow a computer chip in your brain! We will all be vulnerable when our backgrounds are exposed. When criminals, maniacs and space aliens can't obtain guns legally, they will come to your house Full Article & Video