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Georgia guns in bars! Lukovich Cartoon

georgia guns in bars!

This is going on in most Southern states and now even in Wisconsin. Open carry guns into bars, keg parties, sporting events, arenas, concerts, churches and schools. What is unique about Georgia is it also includes AIRPORTS. But not past the security points. You will only have to worry about Full Article & Video

Gun Roulette, Sack Cartoon

Gun roulette

There's no ought or double ought! No chance of no shootings. American Exceptionalism at its best. The most Christian nation. The wealthiest nation.  If as I just learned only 6% of Americans hunt any longer but 40% of Americans have all the guns, then 34% of gun enthusiasts have guns Full Article & Video

LAX Shooter Paul Ciancia Photo

paul ciancia

CBS published this photo of LAX shooter and gun enthusiast Paul Ciancia who was shot after killing a TSA officer with an assault rifle. Gun enthusiast Ciancia had notes on his person railing against the government and the TSA. He is in critical condition in a LA hospital Full Article & Video