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Guns salesman shows top 5 guns of the year!


Though a good review of popular guns, the real best selling gun according to online gun seller gunbroker.com is the KEL TEC PMR-30, a small lightweight low kickback .22 semi automatic that sleekly holds 30 rounds of double stacked magnum ammunition in the magazine, a very good weapon for women, teens and senior citizens who need ... Full Article & Video

Ammon Bundy is bad for America by Houston Wade

ammon and hate groups

JANUARY 7, 2016 by HOUSTON WADENot quite two years removed from Cliven Bundy’s moronic and dramatic showdown with the BLM (who were repo-ing his cattle for millions of dollars in unpaid fees, fines, and court ordered punitive damages) we find Cliven’s son Ammon forcing another showdown with government agents.  Full Article & Video