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A Merry Guns for Christmas to one and all

Merry gun Christmas

After a few months of seeing African American thugs protesting against white cops killing unarmed black men. And watching Fox News and listening to talk radio do I, or does anyone for that matter, have to explain what white people are buying the guns for? Muslims terrorists? Airplane Hijackers? Marathon Bombers? Ducks? And of course Jesus Full Article & Video

The Black People Song, by Z-FLO

black people on welfare

I like this one! It's light, upbeat and gives a little heft to both sides which hopefully give some thought to meeting in the middle somewhere. I was listening to NPR yesterday - NPR having no conservative bias as does Fox News or talk radio means it has a European socialist bias -  doing an interview Full Article & Video

White People with Opinions!

White People With Opinions The Second City Network

The Second City Comedy Network invites you to turn on and tune in to 'White People With Opinions!' It is the latest of the peppy opinion panel .programs trending now. Viewers will relate to the panel.  They're hip - in a very conservative way, happenin' (ditto) and oh-so-white.  The program is essentially a top 40 ... Full Article & Video

Ebolapalooza, The ISIS of Viruses, Stephen Colbert

ebolapalooza chart

I'm glad they are checking (airline passengers) at both ends, because that's where Ebola squirts out. Ebola and ISIS! We need to buy more guns to combat this double edged apocalyptic sword. Guns are not just for shooting Negroes, neighbors trying to get our dried beans in our shelters, people hiding bombs at parades, shooting down Full Article & Video

Congressional NRA lapdogs, FOD

Congressional NRA lapdogs

Ebola has arrived, run and get a gun, it's only logical The Brady Campaign, Michael Bloomberg and I have one thing in common, we are all on the losing side of the Guns Across American divide. We now have more guns than people. Things are so bad in fact that lapdogscorecard.org results in a 403 FORBIDDEN. Full Article & Video

Guns are a mental health issue, clearly

guns are a mental health problem

Sheneman's got it, clearly. The gun enthusiasts in this country are the problem. All the murders, mass shootings, and gang killings are done by gun enthusiasts. Is Ted Nugent mentally stable? Someone who brags about shooting cats and dogs and has to kill something each and every day?  Who admits that he gets a stiffy ... Full Article & Video

Democrats, DON’T SHOOT! Republicans, DON’T VOTE!

Democrats, DON

So how could it be that Republicans are disliked? Anything to do with being the party of religious intolerance, racial, sexual and ethnic bigotry, guns, bombs, executions, beating up kids, selfishness, callousness and bankers? Why would anyone making less than $100k a year vote for the nasty bastards?  Religion, ignorance, gerrymandering, suppressing the vote, Koch ... Full Article & Video

American Kids Love Guns, NRA

American Kids Love Guns

In this new book to run for President, The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea Republican Paul Ryan said his happiest moment after the loss he took with John McCain in 2012, was when his 10 year old daughter – who he said was “old enough to hunt on her own” – shot and killed ... Full Article & Video

Armed Gun Enthusiast George Zimmerman threatens to Kill man

george zimmerman with gun again

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FNWP5q-U04 What have learned from this video? Nothing really new about the kind of person gun enthusiast George Zimmerman is. Or the kind of people gun enthusiasts are in general. Though we have learned that his father is a retired judge, that George must have police connections to get some of the information he gets, and Full Article & Video

Airline seat anger, the simple answer

airline seat anger

So the simple effective answer to all this is to fix airline seats in a position halfway down or so. So why can't the FAA just make a regulation to that effect and let's be done with this crap? Because... READ YOUR CONSTITUTION!  NANNY STATE SOCIALISM! IT'S WHAT MY AR15 IS FOR! IS THIS AMERICA OR Full Article & Video