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Donald Trump Sweet Home Alabama rally

Donald Trump, Alabama & Jesus hate Mexicans

"This is a great book I wrote, The Art of the Deal, the best selling business book of all time, but it is my second favorite book, my favorite book is THE BIBLE, yes THE BIBLE is the greatest book," Donald Trump expertly playing to the rubes of Alabama. Full Article & Video

Sweet Home Alabama, Guns & The Washington Times

Sweet Home Alabama

Googling this morning trying to find a good graphic of Donald Trump's 30,000 strong Alabama Nuremberg rally, I ended up over at the Washington Times - which is now owned and operated not by the Unification Church but by Reverend Moon himself - and took notice at their readership. Full Article & Video

Guns R Us America

gun R us

The American gun enthusiast, isolated, depressed, paranoid, angry, white, male and off their Prozac not only spend most of their lives thinking, talking, dreaming and playing with guns, but want to be seen walking around with guns on their hips, assault rifles at the ready, draped in bandoleers and camo so the rest of cannot ... Full Article & Video

Knives illegal assault rifles legal

Knives illegal assault rifles legal

So how safe to you feel walking into a strip mall with crazy looking fat old men with beards, dressed in camo, sunglasses, ammunition bandoleers and assault rifles at the ready, I would guess about as safe as those in the Pentagon feel who are calling for these gun enthusiasts to stand down. Full Article & Video

Obama Lame Duck my ass

Obama is a lame duck my ass

President Obama got his groove back with over a year to go to reform our racist criminal justice system and do something about the gun culture which is the driving force of America as the most exceptionally violent so called civilized nation on Earth. Full Article & Video