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Obamacare: Americans Dumb & Confused Says Jimmy Kimmel

Obamacare: Americans Dumb & Confused Says Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel was concerned to learn that the Affordable Health Care enrollment numbers are below what the Obama administration was hoping for, as the enrollment deadline quickly approaches on Monday. New research has pegged why Americans have been so slow to enroll. We Americans know almost nothing about Obamacare. Half hadn't heard of healthcare exchanges, and Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart, Uncle Sam Proctologist

uncle sam proctologist

Gosh. So what is the present day purpose of the Republican Party? To literally take food away from poor children, and to deny 30 million poor people, working poor people, the unemployed and those already sick health insurance. And the kicker? Half of America loves it. You know why? Because we are the most exceptional ... Full Article & Video

Stephen Colbert, the Tennesse Health Care Lottery

tennessee health care lottery

Tennessee Health care lottery? Wow. This is really depressing.  My God, every civilized nation on Earth regards health care as a RIGHT except us. The US Constitution begins with the word LIFE, then comes liberty and pursuit of happiness. One would think religion would enter into this crap that the haves get the good health ... Full Article & Video