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Fools Opine: Ebola,Voting & NJ Sex Hazing Scandal

Fools on the Street: Ebola & NJ Sex Hazing Scandal

This might be considered to be a particularly depressing news week. Twenty four hour cable news is cranking out Ebola updates, speculation and argument in a never-ending cycle. Lest our anxiety wane, there's always ISIS. Pre primary sparring provides an irritating counterpoint, while images of people, arms linked, marching in Ferguson give rise to hope ... Full Article & Video

Is Sex FUN? NO Say Teabaggers! Susie Sampson

Is Sex FUN? NO Say Teabaggers! YES says Susie Sampson

Is sex fun? Old Fart & Tea Party sexpert, Jerome Coursi says "NO!" God doesn't intend Sex to be fun! Find something else to do unless you're  making another whiny,poopy conservative. Coursi is a busy professional Obama hater; and I'd like to clarify that 'old fart' has nothing to do with age. I'm certain Jerome ... Full Article & Video