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Colorado School Board ignorance

School Board ignorance

"American history shud be tot the way JESUS intended." Tea party Colorado school board hearings This is somewhat unique in that it is the kids in the school district who are addressing this issue of ignorant Tea Party evangelical morons trying to turn all our kids into ignorant Tea Party evangelical morons. They have succeeded in Full Article & Video

Jesus go home! Darkow cartoon

Jesus go home! Darkow cartoon

And from the Good Pope Commie Francis: "This humanitarian emergency requires, as a first urgent measure, these children be welcomed and protected. These measures, however, will not be sufficient, unless they are accompanied by policies that inform people about the dangers of such a journey and, above all, that promote development in their countries of origin. Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart Dave Brat and the Baby Eagle Jesus

Baby eagle Jesus

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive The 4th most powerful Republican is an AR-15 that fires baby eagles dressed like Jesus. Dave Brat is a Tea Party economics professor at Methodist Randolph-Macon College with an enrollment of 1300 students. It is famous for... For economics professor Full Article & Video

Tea Party Jesus, FOD

tea party jesus

I suppose we should not single out the Tea Party as this version of Jesus is just as Republican and American as it is Tea Party. We can assume this all went down in a state without OPEN CARRY laws as American NRA Jesus has his .44 magnum and backup 9mm under his... Toga?  Burka? Dress? Full Article & Video

Jesus in the Oval Office, FOD

jesus in the oval office

I use my powers for important stuff like walking on water, turning water into wine and filling baskets and sht Love the poignant pauses! And tune in tomorrow to find out who Jesus will pick for his team, what his gig will be, and who it is exactly that is making him look like and ahole... Full Article & Video