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Bristol Palin describes Palin drunken brawl

Bristol Palin talks drunken brawl

Now this is a story worth a THIS JUST IN before the Florida governors debate. But I must say it was the first time I saw anything on cable that was not about shitting our pants over Ebola and ISIS.  What NEWS!  People get drunk at Alaska snowmobile parties! Who would have guessed? This Palin drunken Full Article & Video

Stephen Colbert makes fool of John McCain

Stephen Colbert makes fool of John McCain

So what is the Republican argument with all this ISIS crap?  Well here you have it, if we had left a large residual military force in place in Iraq, forever, we would not have had two Americans killed by terrorists in Iraq. First off, the Iraq government loudly and adamantly told us we could not leave Full Article & Video

Is this World War III? FOD

world war III FOD

If John McCain were President today, you can bet your ass WWIII would now be in it's 5th year. These pundits are missing a few key points. WWI or the GREAT WAR to end all wars was caused by one Serb killing two Austrians in Sarajevo. Vietnam was caused by the false report of one ship Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart channels John McCain, WAR! WAR! WAR!

jon stewart WAR! WAR! WAR!

WAR! Oh sure, there are too many warmongers to name, but the three most well known who beat the WAR DRUMS the loudest are Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsay Graham, and Weekly Standard Neocon Bill Kristol. Seriously, they never met a war they didn't want. They even like bringing their wars home. War on Drugs, War Full Article & Video

Jimmy Fallon Hashtags: #MisheardLyrics

 Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #Misheard Lyrics

Now for just a bit of fun with Jimmy Fallon, as he makes the seamless transition as 'The Tonight Show' head honcho.  To paraphrase an Oldsmobile ad,  It's not your father's Tonight Show, but it is a guaranteed good time! Some of Jimmy's  popular segments involve the audience at home who participate via Twitter. Tonight Jimmy Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart stops the John McCain BS Train

john mccain BS train

low fat dog food 1000 times more Americans died in the John McCain approved Iraq War and 750 times more Americans in 911 which John McCain called for nowhere near the investigation he has on this Benghazi BS. Fox News and Talk Radio like to play bogus "what ifs"  all the time.  Let me do a Full Article & Video