Maybe it’s John Oliver’s Fault Trump is Running, But Here’s An Easy Way to Vote!

Maybe it's John Oliver's Fault Trump is Running, But Here's An Easy Way to Vote!

Three long years ago, John Oliver laughingly challenged Donald Trump to run for President, when he guest hosted  Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.  How powerful were his words?!!  This is John Oliver’s last show before election day Tuesday, and maybe the last show before the end of the world.  While Oliver’s video is an entertaining look at where the candidates are in their last week of campaigning, John takes a moment to the audience seriously.

“We are at a point where this man has a genuine shot at the presidency, besides having blown up a political party, undermined confidence in our political system, declared open season on journalists, and unleashed a river of racism and misogyny. Also, and I feel we’ve lost sight of this – he has really stupid hair!  It’s important to remember that.  It’s f****g hard to believe that there was a time when people thought a Trump presidency would be funny!”

If it’s any comfort to John, we all thought the birther buffoon was laughable We chuckled as his lacquered coiffure, escaped its bobby pins and flew at full mast. He was a joke.  We simply didn’t bargain on ‘The Joker’ whose capacity for evil hadn’t been fully tapped.  That’s why we all must vote – and this is the easy way to do it. If you often find yourself faced with a ballot that resembles nothing so much as a test for which you haven’t studied…VIEWMYBALLOT is good news for us all!  Just enter your location, and the plethora of unfamiliar issues on your ballot are explained.   You may then view the dog dressed as a walrus, with a clear conscience.

Please spread the word about VOTE MY BALLOT, to the right people of course. There isn’t much time!

MLM’s AKA Pyramid Schemes Get the Proctology Exam They Need from John Oliver

Multilevel Marketing AKA Pyramid Scams Like Herbalife, Get Competition from John Oliver

John Oliver exposes the MLM’s or Multilevel Marketing companies and pyramid schemes that take advantage of hard-working people, and invites you to join one of his own, to help raise awareness of the heartbreaking traps.
Companies with familiar names like Herbalife, Mary Kay, Amway, Market America and Youngevity promise a chance to work your own hours, vacations, jewelry, toys and vacation homes next to all of Mitt Romney’s if you wish. If you can dream it, and work hard for yourself…It’s all yours! How can you go wrong? Celebrities like Chuck and Gina Norris have given the scheme ‘due diligence’ so its A-okay!

The would-be entrepreneurs often find themselves with a garage filled with useless product, deep in debt to the company that promised they’d soon be farting through silk.  Fun fact…Just over 30% got a check for $10 dollars – or less last year, the rest didn’t fare as well.  Those at the very tip-top of the pyramid, raked in the cash, as is always the case.

John feels that there has to be a way to tell the world about the dangers of pyramid schemes, and the perfect distribution system already exists – the audience of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

“You can be an independent  distributor of this leading video about the dangers of MLM. You can do it full time or part time, and give your family the life they deserve…which is frankly not getting caught up in this bullshit,” John preaches with  a  laser light show and pyrotechnics that have become common fare for recruitment. This is a far cry from the days of a flip chart in someone’s living room…The sort of thing that made me cautious of invitations by all but well-known friends and acquaintances.
All you have to do is send this video to five people – or ten or twenty, or pester your entire list!  Ask them to do the same with their nearest and dearest correspondents.  This is one pyramid scheme well worth joining. It doesn’t cost a cent, and the human misery it can save is priceless.

Trevor Noah reports from Daily Show bunker on 2020 reelection of President Trump

Trevor Noah reports from Daily Show bunker on 2020 reelection of President TrumpTrevor Noah illegally reports from the old daily show set after President Trump has outlawed humor. After four years of the Trump Administration see the results of his TERRIFIC healthcare plan, what Trump’s police force is up to, how ChiNA is doing, how Hillary’s stamiNA is holding up after her first 4 years at the bustling Guantanamo Bay prison and how President Trump is now grabbing the best looking penguins by the pussy.

Good do see Jordan Klepper doing well building that wall out in the desert, a job that all white Trump supporters not only want, but is one of the few things they are actually educated enough to do.