Secrets of Steve Scully ‘The Most Patient Man on Television’ – John Oliver

The Secret Inner Workings of Steve Scully,

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” has a running segment called 'The Most Patient Man on Television Endures the American Public.' The segment features clips of C-SPAN host Steve Scully taking a variety of un-screened calls. It is impossible not to wonder how Scully maintains his patient and polite composure as one unhinged caller after ... Full Article & Video

John Oliver’s Thoughts on the Presidential Debate & Self Destroying Donald Trump! #1

John Oliver

While no one could have enjoyed the presidential debate as much as Hillary Clinton, John Oliver does take particular joy in deconstructing the complex policy points that Donald Trump brought to light.  Oliver offers an overview: "Donald Trump's performance consisted of an incoherent jumble of sniffles and nonsense - like a racist toddler coming out ... Full Article & Video

John Oliver puts scandals in visual perspective, Clinton’s raisin cookie to Trump’s raisin monsoon

Clinton, Trump and Scandals - John Oliver

There has been much talk of scandals for both Clinton and Trump, but John Oliver wants everyone to know that it would be extremely dangerous to equate the scandals attributed to each of the two candidates.  John can legitimately say so, after giving each candidate's scandals a through investigation. If you do not have time ... Full Article & Video