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Jon Stewart explains the Torture Document

torture is not American, it is Republican

Torture is a Republican thing, well except for John McCain it seems. Fox News, talk radio, Dick Cheney and the Tea Party sure like it! Character matters. It's the nature of the beast. Let's see. The Republican high moral grounds: Executions, guns, corporal punishment, assault rifles, preemptive war, shooting, torture, rhino rounds, collateral damage and of Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart, Dickless H. Chickenshit, Democrat

Dickless H. Chickenshit, Democrat

So, the Democratic Senators who the polls showed would lose, lobbied the president to say nothing about health care, or immigration, or global warming, or keystone, or gays, or blacks, or in fact, anything at all. And he listened to them. Dickless H. Chickenshit. That problematic universal human condition comes to play in that.  Polls are Full Article & Video