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Play Ball! Jon Stewart opens Stephen Colbert Late Show

Play Ball! Stewart opens Stephen Colbert Late Show

The new Late Show introduction of Stephen Colbert and company singing The Star Spangled Banner cross America begins with a cameo by Jon Stewart's "PLAY BALL!" The late night shows have undergone some change in that we now have both Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert who are very talented people in so many aspects of the ... Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart, 50 Fox News lies in six seconds

Jon Stewart Fox News 50 lies in six seconds

"Hypocrisy is not a bug in the Fox News model, it is the thesis, your job is to defeat any source of criticism that might hurt the conservative brand by angrily holding them to standards you yourselves jettison in your Fox News mission statement." Jon Stewart saying so long to Fox News Get your pause button ... Full Article & Video