Pedestrian Question Are You Ready For Bikini Season? Jimmy Kimmel

Pedestrian Question Are You Ready For Bikini Season? Jimmy Kimmel The Fourth of July is officially summer – and time to wriggle into that bikini…Or not. If bikini season tends to sneak up on you, there are options. You can always claim extreme sun sensitivity. Gasp and  inflict a little guilt when you remind semi-nude friends of your skin cancer proclivity. Bundle up within layers of gauzy clothing, sunscreen, large sunglasses and top it with a concealing hat. Take a bit of smug comfort in knowing that you didn’t have to do anything ‘Brazilian’ before donning this ensemble.  Jimmy Kimmel’s crew took the streets of LA to ask an all-important question: “Are you ready for bikini season?” Unfortunately, many people are ready all year ’round.

Jimmy Kimmel Pedestrian Question: What Is The Fiscal Cliff? (Huxtable?)

Jimmy Kimmel: Pedestrian Question, What or Who is the Fiscal Cliff?

It’s always enlightening when Jimmy’s team hits the streets to ask average Americans about issues that affect us all. It seems that we’re hearing or reading the words ‘Fiscal Cliff’- but what does it really mean? While our fellow American’s spotty knowledge of this impending crisis is unnerving –  their honesty is mostly heart-warming. I especially love the man with the sense of humor, who recalled Bill Cosby’s character Cliff Huxtable.

Jimmy Kimmel: Pedestrian Question – Who is Your Worst Facebook Friend?

Jimmy Kimmel: 'Pedestrian Question'  People diss their worst Facebook friends on national TV should i get a divorce

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I find this hard to believe, but here it is! Jimmy is on Hollywood Boulevard to ask people the burning question, “Who is your worst Facebook friend?”  Once you've heard about Mary the complainer and Jaybo – who has an exceedingly peculiar photo collection, you'll agree that it might be a good idea to scoot away from these folks, but diss them on national TV…Never!