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BENGHAZI, The Musical, Lauren Mayer

benghazi, Lauren Mayer

Benghazi, The Musical! - watch more funny videos I just met a girl named Benghazi... And now we have a new one.  Bergdahli! In fact we have a NEW ONE most everyday now. Do I smell another GOP political impeachment on the way? After all, this last one with the President trading prisoners to bring back Full Article & Video

The Hobby Lobby Song by Lauren Mayer

lauren Mayer Hobby Lobby

Keep your religion out of my healthcare And there is the bottom line in this Hobby Lobby crap. Please add "Keep your religion out of my healthcare, my schools, my government and my life." Already this week we had our good friends in Saudi Arabia codify laws declaring that atheism is terrorism - punishable by beheading. Full Article & Video

Lauren Mayer makes a fool of Rand Paul

lauren mayer rand paul is a moron

You're a mean one Mr Paul... And a moron... Love that Rand Paul haircut though! Moron and mean are just for starters on this guy who is competing with Ted Cruz to be the most Right-wing wingnut in the Senate. The difference between the two is only superficial. After all, neither believes in unemployment compensation at Full Article & Video

Lauren Mayer 2013 review in song

lauren mayer 2013 review

We saw saw way too much of Anthony Weiner. Why does Lauren, or any of us for that matter, have do defend being liberal. All it means is being tolerant of others. What is so bad about that? Oh yes, the argument that liberals pointing out the intolerance of others makes them more intolerant than the Full Article & Video

Rand Paul Plagiarism Song, Lauren Mayer

lauren Mayer

Now we know what Kentucky's got, Rand Paul the sniveling little snot. As we saw last presidential electionRepublicans will accept lunatics, nuts, morons and clowns but there is no room in their clown car for sniveling little snots. No one, not even Republicans like sniveling little snots.  Which leaves us with Ted Cruz as the leading Full Article & Video