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Radical Religious Terrorist targets Gays in Orlando, 50 dead 50 wounded

So many memes so little time with this the latest and now America’s largest mass shooting in Orlando, Florida – God and AR15s are Great.

  1. This act is President Obama’s fault for refusing to call this what it is, Radical Religious Terrorism and he should step down say Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Hmmm… VP?
  2. Muslims must apologize for what bad Muslims do unlike everyone else.
  3. Mateen’s local Inman says he was a Donald Trump fan.
  4. The same gun model with high capacity magazines was used in San Bernadino, Sandy Hook, Aurora and so on
  5. We now not only need to keep new Muslims out but throw out those already here.
  6.  We need to flatten, carpet bomb and perhaps nuke Syria and Iraq.
  7. This rush to neo fascism caused by Muslims is world wide.
  8. Will Trump now be able to bring Gays and Liberals into his ugly fold?
  9. While almost 100 Americans have been killed by Muslims since 911, 200,000 Americans have been killed by fellow non Muslim Americans.
  10. Radical Religious terrorist acts like Orlando go on everyday throughout the Middle East most all of which is against other Muslims.
  11. Islam is an intolerant violent sexist religion and they need to change.