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Shutdown Fail, Marco Rubio Joins Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio & ted cruz

As even Republicans are now admitting, their government shutdown has been a political failure. As consensus builds, Senator Marco Rubio yesterday jumped on the sinking ship with Ted Cruz. Senator Rubio over the past year or so has also decided to take a much harder stand on comprehensive immigration reform. Both of these Republican Tea Party Full Article & Video

Absurdity Today: CPAC LaPiere, GOP Sideshow Act Allen West & Carnival Cruise Reeks Again

 CPAC LaPiere, GOP Sideshow Act Allen West & Carnival Cruise Reeks Again  Absurdity Today

Julianna Forlano takes on CPAC, cruise ships, Allen West and other monstrosities. In this episode of the Ironic News Report, Carnival strikes again! What was formerly thought to be plumbing issue, is suspected of being a clever effort to discourage pirates. Ships now routinely emit a noxious odor which will disable anyone intent upon mischief.  ... Full Article & Video

Stephen Colbert follows Marco Rubio into cotton mouth Hell

stephen colbert marco rubio wet

online trading academy instructors Shoulda been a beer!  The Rubio Response was memorable for the sweat scratching and water reaching while the content is mostly now forgotten. We need to remind ourselves of what he said.  Just hours after Senator Rubio voted against the Violence Against Women act with 21 other Republican Senators, the moderate NEW Full Article & Video

Florida Senator Marco Rubio creationist

marco rubio creationist

First off  keep in mind that 60% of Republicans believe that the Earth was created less than 10,000 years ago. And a majority of Americans want creationism given equal time in public school science classes. Which makes Iranians smarter than we are.  So old white people refuse to accept evolution? Or fruits and coloreds.  I ... Full Article & Video