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Marco Rubio’s Mommy won’t let him ride motorcycles

Marco Rubio

"My Mom was always terrified of motorcycles, when we were little kids she always traumatized us about them." Marco Rubio in how to lose the Iowa caucus Marco Rubio could be in serious trouble with this video which seems to compliment the water bottle lean we see here that is forever stamped into our frontal lobes. Full Article & Video

Daily Show Latino Al Madrigal, Hillary and Cuban Elites

Al Madrigal Hillary Clinton amnesty

"Giving a major immigration speech in the adult information room of a public library, she figured, hey if this good enough for homeless people to masturbate in, it's a good enough place to pander to Latinos," Al Madrigal on Hillary Clinton's historic speech to hand out almost as much amnesty as Ronald Reagan once did. Full Article & Video

New face on tax breaks for the wealthy

New face on tax breaks for the wealthy

The Republican Party is hot on the issue of fixing our ever growing disparity of wealth here in America, which of course is a call for more tax breaks for the wealthy, deregulation of everything economic, destruction of unions and no minimum wage laws at all anywhere. Full Article & Video