Stephen Colbert, Pastor Bill Levin and the First Church of Cannabis

Stephen Colbert, Pastor Bill Levin and the First Church of Cannabis

"Indianapolis, Indiana First Church of Cannabis named after the long forgotten 13th Apostle Saint Cannabis who passed out on the couch and missed the last supper," Stephen Colbert Bill Levin the pastor for the First Church of Cannabis began the church after the Indiana legislature passed and Governor Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Bill ... Full Article & Video

President Chris Christie will destroy Common Core and Legalized pot!

Chris Christie fatty fatty boom boom

"If you were president would you return the federal prosecutions in the states of Colorado, Washington states?" CBS John Dickerson asked. "Yes," Christ Christie said. "So, if somebody's enjoying that now in their state, if you're president, that's getting turned off?" CBS John Dickerson continued. "Correct," Chris Christie responded. So Republican States Rights advocate Fatty Fatty Boom Boom pictured ... Full Article & Video

420 picture collage, FOD

420 picture collage

420 - watch more funny videos I have taken note of a few failures with legalization in Colorado and Washington. First is in Colorado baking it into candy that children are attracted to and getting their hands on and the rising number hospitals having to deal with adults who ingested too much weed bought ... Full Article & Video