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420 picture collage, FOD

420 picture collage

420 - watch more funny videos I have taken note of a few failures with legalization in Colorado and Washington. First is in Colorado baking it into candy that children are attracted to and getting their hands on and the rising number hospitals having to deal with adults who ingested too much weed bought ... Full Article & Video

Marijuana smart Girl Scouts

girl scout marijuana smart

I love it! This is just one of many photos I found on Google. But you know there is something missing in all the hubbub about smoking pot. A truth that everyone from most everywhere seems to ignore. It is not Frito Lay products, cookies or cupcakes that go best with pot, it's beer. Full Article & Video

Daily Show,Sanjay Gupta lights up on weed

Dr Ganja

Because of the War on Drugs, marijuana specifically, we now have two generations who have learned to fear and hate the police rather than respect them. What with STOP AND FRISK soon to be overturned we are seeing the same connection. Once YOU are stopped and frisked  for no good reason YOU will fear and hate Full Article & Video

Stoner Babies, FOD

stoner babies

What's with the black mother of the three white babies? Or is she the help? I will only accept that we have arrived when Amazon delivers pot overnight free shipping.  They could do it now! Just  increase those footnotes that exclude products from states from a few to 48. Full Article & Video

Marijuana, Wonder Drug for Weight Loss, Insulin Resistance, Cholesterol, Sugar & Carb Metabolism. Lawrence O’Donnell

Marijuana New, Safe Wonder Drug! Cholesterol,Weight Loss, Sugar & Carb Metabolism. Lawrence O

Far from causing people to grow fat from attacks of' the munchies,' Marijuana may be the best diet news yet! Of course Marijuana is already being used for nausea, pain, to increase appetite in patients who are undergoing cancer treatments, and as an adjunct in the treatment of MS and other serious diseases. When you ... Full Article & Video