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Snack Bars at executions , Lukovich Cartoon

execution chamber snack bar

Since the botched execution there in Georgia last week I have noticed the mainstream media questioning whether we should perhaps move to firing squads and gas chambers. Not that much interest in the electric chair or hanging. The smoking heads from the electric chair is problematic as is hanging overweight convicts whose heads could pop ... Full Article & Video

I got screwed but Obama Lied, Lukovich cartoon

screwed by old insurance plan

There are so many things wrong with this parade of the screwed that the GOP brings forward continuously. It's apples and hammers, it's moving from bad catastrophic only plans to the real thing. What if Democrats presented every horror story of women denied an abortion, or gays denied employment, or hungry kids denied food stamps and Full Article & Video

Neighborhood White Watch, Lukovich cartoon

white watch

Of course this does not exist in real life if you listen to Bill O'Reilly.  Or for that matter all of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh all of talk radio,  and the entire Republican party.  Racism not only had nothing to do with the Zimmerman trial, racism is just an invention of Al Sharpton to destroy ... Full Article & Video