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Will Mitt Romney Run in 2016?

Mitt Romney 2016

Will Mitt Romney run in 2016?  I would have to say NO. Sure Mitt is out there pushing already. In New Hampshire and Iowa and acting like he is running. GOP establishment voices and money want him to go for it.  And of course, once again, he will be the only adult in a sea of Full Article & Video

Republicans Are People Too Stephen Colbert

Republicans Are People Too  Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Colbert Report on Facebook Republicans are running a new ad to convince you that they're human, just in time for the midterm election! Perhaps you've seen it. If so, you know this is not a spoof or an Onion-style piece, as much as it appears Full Article & Video

Republicans Butthurt Over Amazing Unemployment News!

 Republicans Butthurt Over Amazing Unemployment News!

'Notorious Ann' Coulter and 'Madcap Mitt' Romney made some confident political predictions during the 2012 campaign. On the 'Rewrite'  tonight, Lawrence O'Donnell revisits two of the most famous of those predictions which you may have forgotten, because it is embarrassing (at minimum) for Republicans to speak about them. In fact, most Republicans still remain blissfully ... Full Article & Video

FOX Freaks: LEGO Movie is Anti-Business, Anti-Romney!

FOX Freaks:LEGO Movie is Anti-Business, Anti-Romney, Indoctrinating Your Children!

Fox Business host Charles Payne, lashed out at the new commie blockbuster Lego movie. In high dudgeon,the host  claims the children's movie is the 'latest example of Hollywood's anti-business agenda.' To prove his point, the host invites his guest Rentrak senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian, to view the movie villain named President Business, stating - ... Full Article & Video

Mitt Romney Likes Music, Including This!

Mitt Romney likes music, including this!

Mitt Romney is the candidate with the highest like-ability in the history of The United States. His ability to like was off the charts: lakes, trees, cars, grits, humor, jokes, & music of almost any kind, including this. As his star rises again, with an invitation to CPAC, and we belatedly wish him a happy ... Full Article & Video