GOP Strategist Rick Wilson – Donald Trump’s Crazy Fans are ‘Childless Single Men Who um -Abuse Anime’ ‘

GOP Strategist Rick Wilson - Donald Trump

GOP strategist Rick Wilson didn't hold back, when he told Chris Hayes of MSNBC what he thought about Donald Trump and his rabid 'fan boy' followers!  Wilson was talking about Trump's "alt-right" fans, not to be confused with mainstream supporters...A fine line, but one Wilson feels is significant.  The group Scott describes as the 'alt-right' ... Full Article & Video

MSNBC changed to NBCNews

MSNBC name change to NBCNews

 It is hard to tell what this means. Thought with Microsoft now out of the equation, the network is now jointly owned and operated by General Electric and Comcast. Neither of which have any desire to push anything other than the mindless pablum Americans most want to see and hear.  I would suppose that the ... Full Article & Video