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Board Game Shutdown, FOD

game board shutdown

I like labels! When I want a can of corn I don't want to end up with a can full of Lima beans. I hate Lima beans. In the trench you couldn't give your Ham and Lima Beans away. Well there was that one ROTC officer, Fatty Nobrain who would take them. There is an important Full Article & Video

Rush To Judgement, Media Video

rush to judgement

Rush to judgement is the whole point of opinion media. And as an opinion writer myself I suffer a bit of prejudice on this issue. I tend to believe that MSNBC and FOX NEWS which are opinion channels are only doing what they are suppose to be doing. It is ABC, NBC, CBS and the ... Full Article & Video

MSNBC changed to NBCNews

MSNBC name change to NBCNews

  It is hard to tell what this means. Thought with Microsoft now out of the equation, the network is now jointly owned and operated by General Electric and Comcast. Neither of which have any desire to push anything other than the mindless pablum Americans most want to see and hear.  I would suppose that the Full Article & Video