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The FCC Wishes World Wide Web a Happy 25th Birthday Funny or Die

Funny or Die has put net neutrality on the menu in this advertisement from the Federal Trade Commission, in which we simultaneously wish the World Wide Web a happy 25th birthday, and a hurried good-bye!   While we’re wading in Benghazi, Cliven Bundy and the loves of Donald Sterling, the FCC is pulling the plug on the internet as we know it, and ensuring it will be a completely different place within the next 25 years!  There is nothing to worry about. The changes are a “good thing” and it’s time for the World Wide Web to ‘grow up.’
Even Sparky will become accustomed to an internet with fewer options, where he will have to use his doggie treats to access the web. His doggie pals who access the web more, will have to pay with more doggie treats. That sounds fair! Oddly, we can’t institute a system of taxes on this principle without a lot of screaming.

Just think. The scourge of

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