Conspiracy Nut Is Now Popular Children’s Book Author, Revealing The ‘Spooky Truth’ ONION

ONION Popular Children

The bestselling author of "The Spooky Truth" series wants to teach kids that pulling back the curtain on what the government doesn't want us to know can be fun! It's a rags to riches American story. K.L. Graves once wrote and published unpopular pamphlets for adults. Now that he's put the same 'Spooky Truth' about conspiracies ... Full Article & Video

U.S. Man Really Outsources Job To China As ONION Predicted in 2009 Video

ONION Video about Outsourcing Jobs Video parody  becomes real as man subcontracts job to China

In 2009 The ONION stuck their collective tongue in cheek and posted the following video. Titled 'Newsroom:  More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs'    The (then) absurd 'news' report was prefaced: "A new Department of Labor report finds personal outsourcing is revolutionizing how Americans don't do their own work."  The story followed the trend to the ultimate ... Full Article & Video

ONION Conservative Romney Megadonors Have Spent Week Yelling At Their Money

ONION NEWS: Angry Conservative Romney Megadonors Have Spent Week Yelling At Their Money

At a loss to explain Mitt Romney's defeat, conservative billionaires are putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of money. Ignoring advice by Karl Rove, who warned caution, lest they make the money angry, the billionaires are expressing their anger directly to the money. Some take a passive aggressive approach, ignoring their fortunes, while others ... Full Article & Video

ONION: 2016 Election’s GOP Front-Runner Is ‘Shrieking White-Hot Sphere Of Pure Rage’

ONION news: GOP 2016 front-runner is

There is a deep-seated volcano of seething fury and molten poor-sportsmanship out there! From the heartland to the hinterlands keening, wailing and pouting threaten to erupt into sobs. Only one thing can salve the open sore that is festering in the bosom of the GOP - revolt! No...Revolt and secession. Sorry, I mean Revolt, secession ... Full Article & Video