Gays in the South rush to have their marriages denied, Onion Week in Review

Onion week in reviewHave you ever heard the silly argument from Southerners than Northerners are just as racist? Or African Americans are more racist than they are?

Listening to talk radio or Fox News they repeat some single instance in some single Yankee city and use it to pretend they are no more intolerant, bigoted, racist or stupid than the rest of the country.  Well excuse me. I LIVE HERE.  How absurd.  Literally I can not count the number of times I have talked to people here in Texas who in all seriousness say “l am not a racist, I just don’t like NWORDS.” In the South racism is defined only as personally owning slaves or burning crosses.

The recent turmoil concerning Paula Deen sure makes the point.  All over the South Deen is being celebrated, I am surprised there hasn’t been any parades for her. Perhaps I speak too soon?  The word is out across Dixie – as she loses the tv show, Walmart, Home Depot, her book publisher and so on – Southerners are boycotting and buying up as much of her product lines and books as they can in celebration of her racism.

Do we all understand the argument down here? That she is innocent because she has done nothing more than BE A SOUTHERNER. That’s the defense. So much for the South being less intolerant, bigoted, racist and stupid than the rest of the nation. In Paula Deen at least they belly up to the bar and admit to admit what they are.

Jesus and Michele Bachmann, Onion week in review May 27 2013

Onion week in reviewPlease Michele, move in on a think tank.  Look what Tea Party Senator Jim DeMint did to the Heritage Foundation.  In less than a year he took it from the oldest and most respected conservative think tank in America to clown status now known for racism, racists and making stuff up.

Well, wherever Michele Bachmann goes and whatever she does it will add a lot of stupid to it.  A college graduate with a law degree –  well from Oral Roberts. As we watched the Republican Primaries and all the stupid things said by Republican congressmen, it sure seems to me that Jesus makes you stupid.  Hell, Louie Gohmert has a law degree, and Paul Broun has a medical doctor degree.  And what do they all have in common?  Jesus.