NRA wins, CNN cancels Piers Morgan

“Look, I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it,” Morgan told the Times.

NRA and CNN fires Piers MorganWell, we have another issue that the media had better not address or lose money, share or their jobs. Adding to the present trifecta of no disparaging of religious belief in any way, no disparaging of Israel at all, no disparaging of our troops, we must now add no disparaging of our gun culture that has done mad. Politicians are also warned that speaking out for any gun control no matter how reasonable can cost them their jobs. And please remember, these people have guns, lots and lots of them, an average of 10 or more. And ammo, lots and lots of ammo. Some buy pallets of it. And they are angry and stupid and looking for trouble. Hello George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn.

The talk-show host had infuriated conservatives during his three-year run on CNN with frequent discourses on gun control. He was the subject of a petition drive by Americans seeking to have him deported for on-air comments he made following a December 2012 shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.” CNN ending British journalist Piers Morgan’s prime-time show

You know, speaking our against both the gun madness and the ignorance / intolerance endemic to religious belief is not good for Websites either. As both of you reading this can attest to…

SNL Cold Open, Piers Morgan George Zimmerman & Samantha Scheibe, Nov 23 2013

I like bad boys, and a man who’s features are like vacuumed right into the center of his face

SNL Samantha ScheibeThe question should be, “Samantha, didn’t you see this coming?”

With that little computer animation of George Zimmerman going from gun store to liquor store to gun store I got to thinking. What with “ATF” standing for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms why not make the Bureau more efficient by having all three products sold only in one location. One stop shopping for guns, Jack Daniels and bongs. Now that is American Exceptionalism!

BTW, the Zimmerman family is saying Samantha Scheibe is a bitter woman who is faking pregnancy to try and hold on to the man she is so lucky to have. They tell us there was no gun and she broke the table because he was leaving her and Florida for greener pastures.

Would there be any doubt in your mind to where George Zimmerman may move to outside of Florida?  Hint: The governor jogs with a 9mm and shot a coyote that looked at him funny.

Bill Maher, Ted Cruz will be GOP nominee in 2016, Piers Morgan

bill maher ted cruzI love the beginning where we get such profound words of wisdom from Ann Coulter! Did you know that all Democrats want is political power?  And Republicans only want to do the right thing. Here in Upsidedown World.

Sure Bill Maher is correct about the clowns in the Republican Primaries. In 2016 we already know we will have Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ben Carson and Rick Santorum in the front seat, with maybe Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Marco Rubio in the back seat, and more than likely Jon Huntsman and Chris Christie trying to keep up from behind.

But there are two things that Bill Maher is forgetting. First is that when all was said and done the clowns in the past two Republican primaries lost to the old school Republicans McCain and Romney. And secondly, Rand Paul who is exactly the same as Ted Cruz – a Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian American Libertarianism – has his father’s organization behind him which has 20 years of successful experience in pretending their candidate is something he isn’t. If you missed it.  FECAL