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CSPAN: Mom Woodhouse Calls to Yell At Arguing Sons

C-SPAN: Mom Woodhouse Calls to Yell at Arguing Sons

I guarantee that you've never seen this on C-Span. Here is a truly priceless moment. The arguing team of pundits, brothers  Brad and Dallas Woodhouse, the former a Democrat, the latter a Republican, were making an appearance on Washington Journal when a call came in from Raleigh, North Carolina. It should be noted that the ... Full Article & Video

Michele Bachmann’s Greatest Video Hits, So Far

Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann is so often so obtuse even the crazy quote in this graphic from a satirical site is believable. In response to Michele Bachmann's farewell speech on the House Floor Tuesday, Chris Matthews took a few moments to relive some of her zanier moments caught on film. In doing so, we find that nearly every Full Article & Video

The Guy On Immigration Song by PsychoSuperMom

I'm pleased to present the humorous song stylings of Psycho Super Mom (AKA Lauren Mayer) in a salute to Obama's executive action on that political hot potato...immigration!  Psycho Mom does not leave out Obama's furious opponents; the GOP, who were so totally going to do something, eventually, maybe.  They still may do something...After another extended ... Full Article & Video

America is Like a BAD Boyfriend

America is Like a BAD Boyfriend College Humor Video Exclusive

College Humor's Exclusive video shows that like any bad boyfriend, America takes his girlfriend (us) for granted. The girl loves him with a devotion that borders on mania. The besotted girlfriend  would truly lay down her own life for the guy...And she gets plenty of opportunities to do it, when he gets embroiled in battles. ... Full Article & Video

Republicans Win via The Screw You Strategy!

Republicans Win via The Screw You Strategy!

"Never have so many benefited from screwing so many."  It genuinely is the "If you vote for me, I'll kill your puppy" platform, and those with the most to lose gladly voted for those who will surely take it from them. Why would voters elect the candidate who has promised to continue mistreating them, while ... Full Article & Video

Voter Fraud Vigilantes Keeping Voters At Bay!

Voter Fraud Vigilantes Keeping Voters At Bay! Animated Cartoon Buffoons

  To hear the Republican'ts rant and rave, there is an epidemic of voter fraud!  I daresay it is nearly as prevalent as Ebola in this country. It's running a close second, anyway.  Even now as midterm results pour in, we see the results of the vigilantes hard work.   What better way to eliminate the Full Article & Video

Megyn Kelly’s Hilarious Voter Fraud Gotcha Fail!

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly's big Colorado voter fraud story was a four-alarm, crooked Democrat 'gotcha' for Fox News!   Leave it to Rachel Maddow to douse the scandal with secret information -also available to Megyn Kelly, Fox News researchers, and 5th graders with an internet connection. But first, let's re-live Kelly's moment in the sun. Megyn Kelly's sourpuss permascowl Full Article & Video

Cliven Bundy’s Bizarre Ad With Black Candidate

Cliven Bundy

Pro-Slavery loudmouth Cliven Bundy and African American congressional candidate Kamau Bakari are unlikely saddle pals...Until you dig deeper and realize that they're both bat-sheet crazy.  What are the chances that  Cliven Bundy, of the infamous federal stand-off, and 'Kamu Bakari The Electrician,' are both self-titled patriots who share identical views! Bakari's strategy seems to be to Full Article & Video

GOP Gone Gay, Daily Show with Al Madrigal

GOP Gone Gay, Daily Show with Al Madrigal

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook Jon Stewart's Daily Show presents: Democalypse 2014 with Al Madrigal. Republicans have figured out that their time is wasted laboring in the fields of Hispanic vote gathering, that is why they're cutting their losses and moving on to what they hope Full Article & Video

Lewis Black Says F#%! Voter Suppression

Lewis Black Says F#%! Voter Suppression

At a photo shoot with ACLU’s Voting Rights Project Director Dale Ho,  ACLU voting rights ambassador and comedian Lewis Black gets extremely f#%!in’ tired of politicians trying to deny people the right to vote. But - isn't it illegal to deny people the right to vote? It is, but they still try - and sometimes ... Full Article & Video

Republicans Butthurt Over Amazing Unemployment News!

 Republicans Butthurt Over Amazing Unemployment News!

'Notorious Ann' Coulter and 'Madcap Mitt' Romney made some confident political predictions during the 2012 campaign. On the 'Rewrite'  tonight, Lawrence O'Donnell revisits two of the most famous of those predictions which you may have forgotten, because it is embarrassing (at minimum) for Republicans to speak about them. In fact, most Republicans still remain blissfully ... Full Article & Video

Naming the War Against ISIS Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Names the War Against ISIS

   Stephen Names the War Against ISIS With the Name Chamber 5000 Stephen Colbert claims that President Obama is a failure. Yes, he did!  In a stinging rebuke, Stephen accuses Obama of being 'even worse than Jimmy Carter!' That's a strong accusation, but Stephen isn't alone.  Jimmy Carter has been criticizing the President as well.  As ... Full Article & Video