Seth Meyer’s Favorite Jokes of the Week – Trump’s Locker Room Talk, ISIS Nightmare

 Seth Meyer

 It will surprise no one that Seth Meyers and Kevin Hart's most hilarious jokes of the week feature the national joke, Donald Trump. Granted, Trump would be much funnier viewed from a distant continent;  but I've received word that people at a great distance are praying for us.  This quick round-up from Meyer's monologues leaves ... Full Article & Video

James Cordon in Mexico With Trump, Jill Stein’s Odd Harambe Tribute

James Cordon - Donald Trump in Mexico and Jill Stein

Comedian James Cordon recaps the week in politics, first by looking at  Donald Trump's day in Mexico, and then at  Dr Jill Stein's unusual campaign strategies, featuring  an unusual Harambe tribute.So much attention has been given to Trump's trip and his exhausting day of travel and flip-floppery, that the Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein ... Full Article & Video

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Revelation &Trump Supporters Pivot – Seth Meyers

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Revelation &Trump Supporters Pivot - Seth Meyers

In hot election developments, Seth Meyers analyzes new developments in Hillary Clinton's email server scandal, and Trump supporters react to the 'new' Trump, post-pivot.A large group of Trump supporters gather to evaluate their candidate's recent changes on immigration policy,  and the reaction is  puzzling. The Trump they loved was sensible and steady, a reliable guy ... Full Article & Video