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Republican Squad: Running 2016, Funny or Die

Republican Squad:  Running 2016,  Funny or Die

Funny or Die takes you behind the Republican presidential campaign, to meet the puppet-masters behind the candidates.The shady Republican Squad have carefully assembled a task force  of the most dangerous people on the planet, 'the worst of the worst.' The Republican hopefuls may appear to be a motley crew of goofballs to you, but they ... Full Article & Video

‘Fox Bimbos’: Sing Along!

The irresistible opening notes of La Bamba herald Lauren Mayer's new song - a long overdue, commentary on the bubble heads and bimbos - male and female who star on Fox 'News.' Lauren says 'just when you think the airheads on Fox 'News' couldn't sound any more stupid, they outdo themselves.' But I'm here to ask you ... Full Article & Video

Key & Peele God Answers Prayer!

Key & Peele  God Answers Prayer!

In this hilarious skit from Key and Peele, a prayer group is winding up their meeting with a typical  prayer beseeching God for guidance, they also ask Him to hear their prayer for the poor,  those who suffer, and for those who are disenfranchised.  Full Article & Video