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SNL: Okay, who pooped on the poop?

snl poop on poop

So, who most looks like they would poop on poop?  And what is the etiquette around pooping on poop?  Heloise? Anyone? And what about poop stories? Where should they be told? And by whom? True Stories:  Out on Galveston Bay for a day of beer and sailing we happened upon an oyster bed popping up out Full Article & Video

Google, Texas, abortion, Satan and feces

Texas satans crap

This is about the media and the internet rather than a Republican led intrusive BIG GOVERNMENT getting between women and their doctors. I first read about some of this in my local paper. A small paper which is perhaps the most right-wing local paper in America. Satan Worshipers Invade Capital was one recent headline.  That was Full Article & Video