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Black Republican Meeting, Key & Peele

black republicans

Or the Key & Peele "Clarence Thomas Sketch." Oh btw, last week I was watching Comedy Central and saw a Key and Peele skit that was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Humans playing dogs in a dog park. Lots of butt sniffing, pooping on the floor, peeing on trees and Full Article & Video

Stephen Colbert, Ferguson versus Cliven Bundy

Ferguson vs cliven bundy

"I'll grant you things are not completely equal. White people have better educational and economic opportunities and are regarded without suspicion by law enforcement. But on the other hand Black people get to use the NWORD." Stephen Colbert African Americans should be more like Cliven Bundy and his gang of Full Article & Video

The Ferguson I AM DEREK WILSON rally


I AM DEREK WILSON. What is sick about these middle class white people - who control the city of Ferguson which is made up of mostly poor black people - is using the famous I AM SPARTACUS line from the movie of that name to celebrate authorities killing an unarmed Full Article & Video

Ferguson Police find the real racists, Danziger cartoon

Ferguson police finds the racsim

Racism isn't the problem, calling attention to it is. In our post racist nation the only lingering problem are African American racists constantly playing the race card. Our problem is not the five years of over the top personal vitriol directed at our first African American president, or police officers killing unarmed black men, Republicans suppressing ...