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Homophobic Racist Subdued at Dallas Airport

Republican kicks possible gay man in the nuts

“Queers… is what I’m upset about. This faggot right here.” Many of the comments and references I have seen on this incident used the word "troubled" or  "crazy" to describe this piece of shit.  No, he's not troubled or crazy, he's just a Republican who has had too many beers to keep his mouth shut. I Full Article & Video

The Black People Song, by Z-FLO

black people on welfare

I like this one! It's light, upbeat and gives a little heft to both sides which hopefully give some thought to meeting in the middle somewhere. I was listening to NPR yesterday - NPR having no conservative bias as does Fox News or talk radio means it has a European socialist bias -  doing an interview Full Article & Video

Racism Insurance, Like a good Neighbor

racism insurance

Hey, I been hearing an awful lot of moaning and groaning lately from you white males about all the discrimination being heaped upon you. Being 32% of the population and having control of only 75% of middle management, 80% of the House of Representatives, 85% of the Senate, 99% of the Fortune 500 CEO’s and ... Full Article & Video

Cliven Bundy’s Bizarre Ad With Black Candidate

Cliven Bundy

Pro-Slavery loudmouth Cliven Bundy and African American congressional candidate Kamau Bakari are unlikely saddle pals...Until you dig deeper and realize that they're both bat-sheet crazy.  What are the chances that  Cliven Bundy, of the infamous federal stand-off, and 'Kamu Bakari The Electrician,' are both self-titled patriots who share identical views! Bakari's strategy seems to be to Full Article & Video

SNL: Whites, Calling the shots until 2050

SNL Whites own the world

It's what the guns are for As we are finding out here in Texas, this really doesn't much matter, THEY don't vote and those who want to we find ways of keeping them from voting. As do all Republican held state legislatures and governors. That will of course change after President Clinton replaces a couple Supreme Full Article & Video

Diet Racism, in the white can, College Humor

diet racism

"i am not a racist!  I just don't like NWORDS!" My neighbor in Dumbutt Texas No sarcasm dead serious. But in his defense he was prescribed Prosac when Obama got elected the first time and the doctors added Xanax to calm him down after the second time he was elected. So is that DIET RACISM or Full Article & Video

Black Republican Meeting, Key & Peele

black republicans

Or the Key & Peele "Clarence Thomas Sketch." Oh btw, last week I was watching Comedy Central and saw a Key and Peele skit that was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Humans playing dogs in a dog park. Lots of butt sniffing, pooping on the floor, peeing on trees and dry humping. With some Full Article & Video

Cops confront Black male with ice cream, FOD

cops and ice cream black

Cops need to calm the fk down I was just thinking about why it is that liberals understand the race problem in America while conservatives are clueless. Back in the Sixties and early Seventies this country was perhaps more divided than it is now, mostly on War and Civil Rights. What's new? What's new is that Full Article & Video

Jon Stewart’s Ferguson Protest Challenge

Ferguson Protest challenge

The big thing here about Ferguson is missing. Riot police with assault rifles pointed at a crowd. It used to be they just clubbed protesters with big sticks, and turned fire hoses and dogs on them. Now it's looking down the barrel of a hundred 40 round assault rifles pointed at your head. Oops!  There were Full Article & Video

Stephen Colbert, Ferguson versus Cliven Bundy

Ferguson vs cliven bundy

"I'll grant you things are not completely equal. White people have better educational and economic opportunities and are regarded without suspicion by law enforcement. But on the other hand Black people get to use the NWORD." Stephen Colbert African Americans should be more like Cliven Bundy and his gang of better Americans. They can arm themselves Full Article & Video