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Tommy Chong explains the 420 holiday!

Tommy Chong invented 420 day

"Apparently people at Berkley would get out at school at four o'clock and they would meet 20 minutes later and would get high, as a result everyone would ask 'are you going to do the 420' and they would say "yeah 420'" Tommy Chong explaining the origins of 420 weed holiday. Full Article & Video

Bill Maher Monologue, Hillary & Rand Paul, April 10 2015

bill maher monologue

"Hillary is using an email blast to kickoff her candidacy Sunday morning, which Republicans found very ironic because as we all know, she used email to kill everyone in Benghazi," Bill Maher Point well taken, what with the GOP main dig on Obama he has destroyed American at home with Obamacare and abroad with diplomacy and ... Full Article & Video