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Bill Maher walks back support for Rand Paul

bill maher rejects rand paul

"I am more afraid about ice than I am ISIS. Last week Rand Paul said just what Dick Cheney said a month ago, WHY IS THE PRESIDENT TALKING ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE WHEN WE HAVE THIS TERRORIST GROUP, that is just a terrible reordering of priorities and Hillary Clinton has won me back!" News of the early Full Article & Video

Rand Paul Runs away, Stephen Colbert

friends rand paul and steve king

The reason Rand Paul cannot become the GOP presidential nominee is not because he has to run away from the racism and bigotry of fellow Republicans like Steve King shown here, but that he will have to run away from most everything he has ever said. Telling Rachel Maddow that he disagrees with the part of Full Article & Video

10 Signs Your Loved Ones May Be A Libertarian


10 Signs That Your Loved Ones May Be A Libertarian 1) Have they spent most of their lives alone in their bedrooms n front of a computer surrounded by empty pizza boxes? 2) Do they have more guns than friends? 3) Do they fair poorly with the opposite sex? 4) Are they single without children? 5) Full Article & Video

Smart bombs and smart girls, Lukovich cartoon

Smart  bombs and smart girls

There is some unpopular pragmatism. Smart women create more democracy and drones work. Here in America it is not so much smart women, but smart people we don't like. After all, they tell us many things we don't like hearing. How much power does the media have?  In the early 2000s about 10% of us didn't Full Article & Video

Rand Paul wins CPAC straw poll by 20 points

rand paul wins cpac straw poll

It is little wonder that the three most extreme conservatives topped the list at the extreme conservative CPAC straw poll this weekend. But what does it mean that Rand Paul won by almost triple the votes of his closest competitor? His father's political machine? Are CPAC voters getting younger?  After all, Rand Paul is playing ... Full Article & Video