Dylann Storm Roof Radicalized by Hate Group Linked to Republican Candidates

SC Shooter Apparently Radicalized by Republican-Linked Group with Ties to Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul

Dylann Storm Roof was influenced by The  white nationalist group, 'The Council of Conservative Citizens' which not only boasts Republican Politicians as members, but President Earl Holt lll has contributed to Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Rand Paul. The Council of Conservative Citizens, an organization with white supremacist leanings, has issued a statement defending ... Full Article & Video

Bizarre Rand Paul Super PAC WWE Obama Smack-down Video

Bizarre "Rand Man" Rand Paul SuperPac Ad Shows WWE Obama/NSA Smackdown, Explosions, Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

This is not an ONION piece, a bizarre pro-Rand Paul SuperPAC commercial shows a roaring, buffed-up and  bare-chested Rand Paul  fixin' to smack-down President Obama (WWE style)  and -  explosions! Fire-breathing bald eagles! Explosions! Big waving American flags! And always, more explosions!  Apparently, these are images that appeal to the average Republican voter - or ... Full Article & Video