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Las Vegas CNN Republican War Review, Rack Jite

Las Vegas CNN Republican Debate Review, Rack Jite

Terrorist death toll in America from September 12, 2001 to December 16, 2015 Muslim Terrorism - 45 Right-wing Terrorism - 48 With a steady decline in terrorism in that 14 year period It's WAR, war with ISIS, war with Syria, War with Iran and even War with Russia while it is imperative that our "weak feckless President Obama" must ... Full Article & Video

Kim Davis, Kentucky Fried Bigot

Kim Davis, Kentucky Fried Bigot

Kentucky Fried Bigot Kim Davis has much in common with Rush Limbaugh who like her is a family spokesman for marriage and family values and on his 4th marriage, sorry but which men she slept while married, while unmarried, separated and divorced is too complicated for me to sort out in so little space, but ... Full Article & Video