Bill Maher Monologue, Russia Olympics and George Zimmerman, Feb 7 2014

bill maher monologue

[jwplayer file="" image=""]Most of the monologue is about thugs from Russian and Florida. So how much is Georgie Porgie gonna make to let some black guy pound the crap out of him?  And is it the right thing to do?  Shouldn't some black guy get to pound the crap our of George ZImmerman without paying ... Full Article & Video

Bill Maher Monologue, Rand Pauls hair is real! March 8 2013

Bill Maher monologue

[jwplayer file="" image=""]Bill Maher didn't know about Rand Paul's hair!  Later in the show Arianna Huffington says she sat with Rand Paul at an awards dinner and pulled his hair and she says it's real! Which means Rand Paul has a really stupid haircut for, no good reason. With all the good press Rand Paul ... Full Article & Video

Bill Maher Monologue, Hillary says GOP not living in an evidence based world, Feb 1 2013

Bill Maher monologue

[jwplayer file="" image=""]But Hillary... The Republicans only reflect what their constituents want of them. All the evidence anyone needs is right there in their Bible, on talk radio, on Fox News on in Ann Coulter books. Oh, and FINDING BIGFOOT! Anything filmed in green starlight scope is REAL. Full Article & Video

New Rules Bill Maher, Focus on the Family ALL WRONG, Oct 12 2012

New Rules with Bill Maher

[jwplayer file="" image=""]Ever notice that the biggest clowns in politics are over the top Christians?  Ever notice that?  Michele Obama and her Hubby, Sarah Palin, Todd Akin, Rick Santorum, that crazy black guy I can't remember his name. Gohmert from Texas, Inofe from Oklahoma, Paul Broun in Georgia, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Allen West. Jesus ... Full Article & Video

Bill Maher monologue, Debate, unemployment down to 7.8, Oct 5 2012

Bill Maher monologue

[jwplayer file="" image=""]This includes a  lead in of a 2003 show where Chris Rock gives Ann Coulter the what for! [If anyone knows where the complete video of this Chris Rock attack on Coulter is please let us know.  It was one of the greatest 5 minutes on television punditry.]The Republicans will believe the ... Full Article & Video