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The Party of Lincoln Goes South: Betty Bowers

The Party of Lincoln Goes South: Betty Bowers

America's Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, takes you on an historic travelogue comparing Confederate states to Union states. As ya'll know, the South wanted to secede, but Lincoln said 'NO we can't let our republic crack"  or break - or something unifying like that. It was admirable, but we did keep some crackpots...In the North ... Full Article & Video

What ‘If Atheists Acted Religious’ And The Religious Were the Minority? by Dark Matter

What If Atheists Acted Religious and religious people were the marginalized minority by Dark Matter

Here's another point of view from 'Dark Matter' a frequent proponent of the Atheist point of view. Sometimes it's worthwhile to look at something upside down and turned inside-out...So imagine that the majority of people are Atheists and people of all religions were a marginalized minority. My favorite example is pictured as the Atheist 'missionaries' knocking Full Article & Video